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There’s something about each one of us that sets us apart, makes us different and causes us to standout in the crowd. We’re not like anyone else, our dreams and passions are not the same, our talents are as varied as the stars, and we’re not ordinary…we are extraordinary! We’ve been marked with distinction, created with a special purpose, and beautifully wrapped in rare individuality.


It’s just astounding when you think of how uniquely God created each one of us, each of us miracles…so perfect with such a purpose and a calling…all of us so powerful. And then think of this massive, unending universe that we’re all divinely a part of…God created all of us and all of this to work together in an extremely powerful way…we are all born with the power to manifest our dreams, gigantic and limitless dreams.


God has given us the most amazing gifts and those gifts hold extraordinary power. Everything you see around you first came into existence through imagination…someone first imagined it and dreamed it in there mind, and then it was created in the physical. In the same way your words have power…I’m a firm believer in speaking your dreams into existence. Imagine it…dream it…speak it…manifest it. God does so much of his great work through our imagination and in our dreams…your dreams are a gift from God…your creativity is a gift from God. Take hold of your imagination and create something beautiful that will serve humanity in a positive light…make your dream your life’s work. God created in us the power to CREATE.


I believe creativity is the act of cultivating talents. Talents are the gifts we were all uniquely born with. We must be in a state of active creativity in order to discover our true talents…the gifts we were meant to share. I was born and raised in a small farming community and began driving a tractor at a very young age. In order to get the most out of the ground…to get all the nutrients to the surface, the ground must be cultivated, in doing so, all the most valuable elements of the earth are made available to what ever seed you decide to plant in the newly cultivated rich soil. Just like the earth, we must creatively cultivate the talents we were born with so we are seasoned to serve the lives that God plants in our path. When we learn to harness our creativity and uncover our talents, lead from our hearts, and share our greatest gifts…it is then that we will have truly discovered a life worth living.


Believe in your dream with all your love, all your life, and all your soul…because, guess what? If it’s your dream and you believe in it, then God gave you that dream, it didn’t just fall out of the sky, God gave you that dream…it’s yours…all you have to do is GO GET IT! It won’t be easy…nothing that really means anything is, it’s lots of hard work. Believe in yourself, believe in your dream and open yourself to receive all that you’ve asked for, all of Gods blessings. Most importantly give! Always have a giving heart…and remember, the more you ask for, the more that’s expected of you…elevate yourself…rise to the occasion…be more than you ever dreamed you could be….always remember…the dream is yours and the sky’s the limit!


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