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How to Stimulate Your Sexual Reproductive Organs and Get Rid of Health Issues

Let’s talk about our sexual health! It’s something that we all need to have a chat about but most of us are afraid to bring it up. Sexuality is important to our overall health! Safe sex provides us with release in our lives, and having our sexual organs working well provides confidence and support to our already stressful lives. In our conservative society, it can be hard to feel comfortable discussing your sexual problems with anyone and even more difficult to seek help with performance issues. Luckily, there are people out there who can make you feel incredibly safe and comfortable while helping you with your most intimate problems.

Recently, the VIVA GLAM team stopped into Dr. Abraham Avi Ishaaya’s office and chatted with Melissa Tauer. And we’re here today to share all we learned with you. Melissa showed us their “VIP Room” at their Los Angeles clinic. This “VIP Room” is all about sexual health. For ladies who are having problems keeping their vaginas tight (perhaps after having a baby), for those who leak a little when they pee, or for those who just need to firm up and tone their feminine muscles, there is a solution for you. Within the VIP room sits the Emsella chair. You will be instructed to sit on this chair (with your clothing on) as it utilizes electromagnetic energy to induce over 11,000 contractions of your pelvic floor muscles during one treatment. As you sit on the chair for 28 minutes, the pulses change up and contract within you, firming up everything from the inside out. This stimulates the muscles in the groin. The machine is not sexual in nature. It feels very strange but definitely stimulates your entire sexual reproductive area, allowing you to feel firmer and more sensitive after leaving. Six sessions are recommended for optimum results.

The Emsella chair can also be used by men who are looking to become more sensitive. Those who have erectile dysfunctions and are looking to improve their sexual health are prime candidates to utilize this chair. It’s also a great solution for anyone who uses the bathroom frequently and is looking to decrease the amount of time they spend continually running to the restroom.

For those who are suffering from more extreme cases of Erectile Dysfunction or who are having issues performing, there is another machine on which you can completely disrobe and get a more hands-on approach. This machine utilizes sound-wave therapy which encourages the growth of new blood vessels. The doctor takes a wand from the machine to stimulate up and down your penis, helping to increase sensitivity and, inevitably, fix your erectile dysfunction. The machine can also help women get more sensitive by tracing the wand around the clitoris. This Cliovana treatment is a great way to help ladies who haven’t experienced an orgasm or who have been having trouble achieving orgasms. I mean, let’s face it having an orgasm is a great release and something that can add benefit and stress relief to our lives. Knowing that there’s a solution, why wouldn’t you go seek help?

All in all, for those having intimacy issues, couples’ problems, erectile dysfunction, and any other issues down in their groin, the sexual health room at Dr. Ishaaya’s office opens up the possibilities to create a healthier sexual life for you and your partner. So, be sure to visit and get your consultation to improve the quality of your life today.

The location, of course, offers more than just sexual health treatments. They are a full medi spa with tons of incredible treatments. Be sure to check out their website to see the full list of what they offer!


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