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5 Sexy Games to Play With Your Partner

What are some sexy games to play to spice up your sex life?

Most everyone enjoys a little romp in the sack with their partners. But sometimes you want something new and interesting to spice things up a bit! Sexy games are just the thing to bring new life into your intimate time with your partner. Here are a few fun games that you can play with him or her!

30 Seconds

This game gives you just 30 seconds to do something to turn your partner on. The person who is receiving it can’t do anything but sit back and enjoy whatever is going to happen to them! So, recline back and see what’s going to happen next.

Hot & Cold

This will remind you of the infamous food scene in “9 ½ Weeks”!  Simply get different foods that are either hot or cold. For example, how about ice cream and melted chocolate? Then, blindfold your partner and use these sexy food items as you pleasure him and make out. Believe us, he’ll be 100% surprised!

Dare or Dare

This is a variety of the old game, Truth or Dare. Simply dare your partner to do something like, “talk dirty to me” or “kiss a sexy part of my body” and keep daring him until he dares you!


Why not try sexting throughout the day with your partner? If he’s at work, believe us, he can hardly wait to come home at the end of the day! Especially if you sext him pictures of you in lingerie or other racy images! Or better yet, leave it to his imagination and text out exactly what you will be wearing when he comes home!

The Kissing Game

This is a simple game that will lead to so much more! If you are watching television, pick a word. Whenever you hear that word mentioned on a show, kiss. Before you know it, you’ll be kissing a lot and that will lead to who knows what?

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We hope we inspired you to try something new in your love lives. Enjoy!


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