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How to Talk About Sex Toys with Your Partner

How to overcome that awkward feeling if you want to talk about sex toys!

Let’s talk about sex toys! Errr, listen as the conversation comes to a grinding halt. After all, a talk about sex toys with your partner might seem awkward, uncomfortable or weird feeling. But did you know that introducing sex toys into your bedroom might also add a spice of life into your relationship?

So, let’s talk sex toys for beginners! The number one thing to remember is communication is essential. First off, you might want to talk about your desires to your partner. After all, bringing out a bunch of sex toys first might be a bit intimidating, daunting and shocking to him or her. So instead, try starting off the conversation with, “I think it would be great to.” or “Wouldn’t you love to.” so they also feel included.

Also, if you are going to purchase sex toys, why not go shopping together? How fun it will be and you can pick out something that you both like!
A small vibrator is a non-threatening item to try first. It is unintimidating and you can start by using it as a massager! Then, use it in more private areas together! After all, a huge rubber dildo might scare someone off initially!

And don’t forget to share. Sex toys aren’t just for your pleasure, they are for your partner’s too! So, take turns offering and receiving pleasure and remember to ask if they are enjoying the experience, what you can do differently or what you can do that they would like!

Remember, like any other intimate experience, sex toys are about enjoying, sharing and having fun! They can add a bit of excitement into your already exciting romantic life!


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