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5 Tips For A Stress-Free Life

If you want to look good, you have to take it easy. Taking care of your mind and body is the best way to have a healthy glow and winning smile. 

Relaxing is the opposite of “doing nothing,” it is in fact an active choice you must make every day to take control of your life.

Unwinding can be a different experience for everyone, buts let’s look at 5 methods that will help you breathe in… and breathe out.

1. Meditate

You might have friends who meditate and swear by it. Or maybe you tried it once, but you found yourself so distracted you just opened your eyes and got a snack. It’s important to understand there is no one way to meditate. Just find a quiet space and be in your practice for just 5 minutes at first.

Meditation has been shown to reduce blood pressure, ease anxiety, and even lessen symptoms of menopause. There are no downsides to this ancient method of self-actualization. If sitting alone is too stressful, check out group meditations or various apps that can guide you through the process.

2. Consider An Emotional Support Animal

Having an adorable dog in your arms will instantly make you feel better and relaxed. But if you find you miss your buddy when out to dinner, or maybe your apartment isn’t keen on pets, then think about emotional support registration. 

It is an easy process that you can start today at Getting your best friend registered as an emotional support animal can provide life-changing support in all situations. Dogs have been shown to improve cardiovascular health but you don’t need a study for you to understand the benefits of playing with a furry friend.

3. Exercise

For some people, this may seem like the polar opposite of taking it easy, but it is a tried and true method to sweat out the stress. Working out releases endorphins, which chemically produce positive feelings and calm vibes. Plus if you’re exhausted after a run, that’s the perfect time to start meditating!

Start small though, never push yourself so much you get hurt. If it’s been a while since you’ve regularly exercised then just walk up and down the stairs or go around the block a few times. Always remind yourself that something is better than nothing and feel proud even of the smallest achievement.

4. Journal

It is so easy to only focus on the hard times and stressful moments in our day (and life!). But by writing in a diary or journal you can practice mindfulness and see our day is just made of one moment, then the next. Make a point to write daily moments of joy, and count your blessings.

You don’t need to avoid the tough reality though, be honest with yourself and the journal can become a best friend who will always keep your secrets. There’s nothing more relaxing than letting go of all your tension and looking it in front of you, confident you can tackle whatever the world throws at you.

5. Have A Party

But do it yourself! Give yourself a moment of self-love and fun. Blast your favorite music dance all you want because no one is watching. The only guests you need to invite are a warm blanket and a great movie. 

Once you make time to love yourself, you’ll be a more generous friend to everyone else. Schedule time to relax and your whole body will thank you, you’ll look good inside and out!

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