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How to Make Your Own Travel Journal

Get more out of your journey with a travel journal!

Traveling can be an experience unlike any other. By traveling to other parts of the world, you get to experience new people, different cultures, and food. You can gain unique perspectives and traveling may make you change the way you have previously thought about other cultures.

While you are exploring the world, why not keep a travel journal? A travel journal or travel diary is a great way to remember all of your new experiences and knowledge that you have gained. It is an ideal keepsake that will remind you of this special time in your life.

What to Write in Your Travel Journal

You can write stories of your adventures, places you have been, and your feelings and thoughts along the way. You can add mementos, souvenirs, and photos, too. Traditionally, travelers carry physical journals, but an online travel diary is also something that’s harder to lose.

Why You Should Keep a Travel Journal

By doing this, you will remember more of your trip. For example, document your meals, what you ate, the places you went to and the people you met along the way. This will help you to reflect more after your journey is finished and think about what you learned about where you visited.

You can use your journal before you even begin your trip! Use it to plan where you will go, your route, and points of interest that you would like to see. Create checklists in your travel diary, too, and check off each item as you go!

It is important to write along the way while the experience is still fresh in your mind.
If you write at the end of each day, you will be able to better retain your experiences. This is better than writing down the smells, tastes, sounds and your feelings two weeks after the fact.

But after your trip, write down your feelings about the overall experience. What is as you expected it to be? Was it beyond your expectations? And what did you find to be a challenge during your journey? Were you surprised by anything? What was your favorite food experience? Or did you experience culture shock going to another part of the world?

By keeping a travel journal, you can also save it to share with family and friends! Perhaps someone else you know would like to travel to the same area of the world. By sharing your experiences, you will be helping another to achieve their travel dreams, too!

And remember, it is always a good thing to go outside of your comfort zone. You will always benefit from it even though it might feel a bit awkward at first. Journal about your experiences and look back on them later. You’ll see just how much you have enlarged your world and more importantly, your worldly perspective!


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