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Visiting as a Vegan/Vegetarian in Calgary, Alberta

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White Rose Vegetarian Kitchen


Located on Main Street Bowness in Northwest Calgary, this vegetarian restaurant will be your go-to place for a lovely night out. Choose from small or large plates, as well as seasonal desserts. Vegans, vegetarians, and gluten-free diners will have no problem finding a dish they love here, and without breaking the bank.

HIGHLIGHTS: Risotto, Cabbage Leaves, Eggplant, Rose Cocktail, Rice Pudding.

Cabbage Leaves

Rice Pudding

Saskatoon Berry Pie

Raw Eatery & Market


This vegan spot is easy to miss, so make sure you mark it on your Google Maps before you visit. This small, raw, vegan cafe serves breakfast, shareable plates, and main dishes that will leave you feeling nourished without sacrificing any flavor.

HIGHLIGHTS: The Pope’s Pesto, The Rainbow Pad Thai.

The Pope’s Pesto


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