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Why You Should Visit Winston-Salem

Winston-Salem has been known for hundreds of years as a cultural, innovative, and artistic hub. Since its early settlers, craftsmanship, pottery, iron working, furniture making, and clothing production have all set the city’s personality apart from surrounding areas.

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Of course, the VIVA GLAM team loves that this city has a strong artistic vibe as well as an animal-loving nature. And that’s a major reason to make your way to Winston-Salem for an extended trip.

More specifically, we spent the night at the Hotel Indigo in Winston Salem, and the first thing we spotted upon pulling up to the valet was the sign that said, “Come in Furr Babies. We Have Treats”. Be still my heart! There was a welcoming basket of treats in the lobby for puppies. The aesthetic of the lobby was hip, artistic, and yet still welcoming. It was a large space, as well, which made everyone feel very safe during these COVID times. And the front desk attendant that was there that evening was a very charming guy. Hand sanitizer was out for guests to take, as well, which is much appreciated during this current time.

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As we made our way up to the rooms, the hallways were bright and festive, which is very refreshing to see in a modern hotel.

The rooms at the Hotel Indigo in Winston Salem are very comfy and charming. There is just the right amount of color between the accent wall and drapes, and the art that adorns the walls is incredibly unique. (We loved the photo of toy horses in our room!) The beds were comfortable with just the right number of pillows, and, overall, we had a very nice stay there. Plus, our view of the city streets below was a nice touch, as we felt immersed in the energy of the city while staying at the Hotel Indigo.

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We wish we could have spent more time in Winston Salem to soak in all the history and lore; however, we did get to see the last-remaining Shell Oil Clamshell station that has been standing strong since the 1930s! It was hard to miss, and definitely a fun landmark to stop in on. The bright-colored clamshell was the first station listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

All in all, if you’re driving through North Carolina, be sure to stop into Winston Salem. The artistic and animal-friendly nature is the perfect inspo you need to get yourself traveling. It’s an artistic treasure that not everyone knows about, but it’s absolutely worth the trip. So come visit, and spread the word!


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