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The Perfect All-In-One Stop in Asheville, North Carolina

If you’re looking to visit Asheville, North Carolina (or are planning to stop through it for the night), we have some recommendations for you! Asheville, North Carolina is quickly becoming one of the hippest, most artistic places to visit. The plethora of artistic locations and vegan-friendly eateries truly makes it one-of-a-kind. And we were thrilled to stop through Asheville on our road trip through North Carolina while we were filming Weird World Adventures.

We were excited to spend our night in Asheville at the Hyatt Place! The Hyatt Place in Asheville, North Carolina has it all- it’s your one-stop place for anything you may need while in town. The rooms are spacious and cozy, and the provided breakfast allows you to jump up ready to start your day. Even during COVID restrictions, where many hotels are not allowing a breakfast, the Hyatt offers a grab-and-go breakfast station, which was definitely a relief to me and my crew. (You have to start the day right!)

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We were lucky enough to stay in the bridal suite- the pinkest room in the place- and the groom’s suite- the most masculine room in the place, and we were blown away by the artistic style of each room. The large bridal suite is carefully designed to make any bride feel at home during her special day. And the giant tub in the bathroom is the perfect addition for pampering. There is ample closest space, and the bed is absolutely cozy. This made for the perfect place to relax, have a few drinks, and dump our footage during our travels. The bright colors on the walls added much-needed cheer to our adventures.

The groom’s suite is very hip and cool. There is a wet bar, a lounge area, and a very comfortable bed. Again, there is tons of closet space here, which is an absolute necessity.

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But it wouldn’t be your one-stop location without the perfect eatery attached. On the rooftop of the Hyatt, you will find The Montford Rooftop Bar, which is really the place to be during the evenings in Asheville. There’s usually a long wait, so be sure to plan your visit accordingly. We were lucky enough to get up there and experience the Montford for ourselves, and we were not disappointed.

With a vegan crew, we were blown away by the vegan-friendly options. Even though some items may have come with cheese, they were easily changed up to be made for vegans. The brussel sprouts were unlike any we have tasted before. And the Mushroom Flatbread was the most delicious pizza I have eaten in my life. Even ‘normal’ dishes like the pepperoni pizza are made in such a unique way that it tastes like a completely new creation.

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The crew at the Montford even creates their own vegan beet ketchup for their French fries, and you have to try that for yourselves! It was everything any vegan could want. We can’t forget the ambiance of the Montford either. It is intimate, thematic, and comforting. So, after our stay at the Hyatt Place in Asheville and our experience at the Monford, we can easily say that this is the perfect one-stop place you must visit in Asheville, North Carolina.


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