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Art Brings Ibagari Boutique Hotel to Life

Art is a strong expression of personality that makes something or someone unique. Art is what allows you to express yourself and stand out from the masses. And art is what gives so much personality to the Ibagari Boutique Hotel.

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You will notice as soon as you arrive on the property that Ibagari is not your ordinary hotel. The architecture is open and freeing. As you look up in the lobby, you’ll see where a tree has grown up and through the property and out the roof, which is open in parts around the tree. You can immediately recognize that architect Patricia ‘Paty’ Arenas of Paliare Studio has combined her art and structure with nature when developing Ibagari Boutique Hotel. When walking through the lobby and giftshop, you can also see where Paty sculpted a cluster of ants journeying around the hotel entitled, “Hormiguero” or “Anthill”.

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Hormiguero by Patricia ‘Paty’ Castillo

The vibe of Ibagari is very modern, yet you can still see how the base of its art is connected with nature and the cultural roots of Roatan. This makes for the perfect island getaway.

Large paintings by Jaime Castillo are placed around the hotel and decorate the lobby, including a painting of a fish. Jaime’s art is very modern yet still has a freeing, more impressionistic approach to his work that fits with the sophisticated yet laid-back atmosphere of Ibagari. A beautiful painting of a face with the top of the figure’s head as a wave sat in my room. It was called “La Libertad de la Mente” or “Freedom of Mind” which paints a very strong message in one’s brain. And that was by Jaime, as well. Great art executes deeper meanings, and it’s clear that Jaime’s art has this aspect.

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La Libertad de la Mente by Jaime Castillo

All the unbelievable pieces of art compliment the Ibagari’s sophisticated atmosphere, giving more class and style to this chic yet laid-back hotel. Art brings Ibagari to life (and the name Ibagari means life in Garifuna), creating the perfect unique destination for your vacation. Be inspired by the artistic nature and let loose on your stay. Take an art tour or a ‘Dip and Sip’ art class to enhance your artistic getaway. And, of course, soak in the art while enjoying your stay at the Ibagari Boutique Hotel.

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To book your stay at Ibagari, contact our favorite travel designer Donna Wong at or email [email protected]


Ibagari Boutique Hotel is a True Luxury Destination in Honduras

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