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Why You Should Contour Your Jawline

Keep in mind that contouring can do wonders to your face, especially when done correctly. So, why should you contour your jawline? Remember, there are numerous reasons to contour this part of your face. For instance, it can make your neck appear longer. However, it must be blended properly. Aside from that, there are other reasons to contour your jawline. To give you a better view, here are the benefits of contouring your jawline.

To Erase a Double Chin

One of the most common reasons to contour your jawline is to make your double chin less noticeable. Remember, contouring can add shape to your jawline. As such, it can erase a double chin, which is a bit unsightly when you’re taking photos.


1. The first step in contouring your jawline is to apply a base, which includes a moisturizer, primer, and foundation. You can also apply a concealer to hide unwanted flaws on your face.
2. Afterwards, the next step is to look in a mirror. In doing this, you should be standing in a place with great lighting. From there, you can apply contour from the bowed shape, moving up until you reach the square of your jaw.
3. Before applying the contour, you have to make sure that its shade is 1 to 1.5 darker than your neck. Remember, your neck has a different shade compared to your face. Thus, you have to compare the shade to your neck so that you can blend it properly.
4. When contouring, you should focus on a soft blend. You can do this by sweeping the contour back and forth with a tapered or angled brush. Also, you have to draw the makeup starting from under your ear down to your neck. Once you’re done, your chin will look sharper, and your double chin will be less noticeable.

To Soften a Square Jawline

Aside from those reasons to contour your jawline, you can also to this technique do soften a square jawline.


1. The first step in contouring your jawline to soften it is to trace your jaw using a tapered brush. In doing this, you should blend upward going to your face and down below your chin.
2. From there, you can blend the contour with your foundation. When blended properly, there will be a subtle shadow along your jawline, which will make your jaw appear less defined.

Overall, those are some of the reasons to contour your jawline. Always remember that contouring can be a bit tricky at first. However, it is a great technique that can make you look more appealing, especially once you master it.


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