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Contouring Tips for Glam Girls on the Go

Makeup is an art form. It takes time and precision, and not quite everyone has the knack for it. It can be tedious and time consuming at times, but us glam girls just can’t live without it. We need our full face beat, and we just cannot waiver on some steps. While we’re not all fortunate enough to have a Kardashian glam squad, we make do with what we have… that is, when time permits it. Most of the time, we’re working against the clock. It’s not easy being a glam girl on the go. Especially when it comes to the tricky but oh-so-necessary steps like contouring. Well, our inner glam goddess just refuses to minimize the glam; instead, we’ve figured out a few tips and tricks to keep you contoured and on schedule!

DO Moisturize

Our makeup is only as good as the base we apply it onto. If you want a quick and seamless contouring job, then you’ll want to make sure you have as smooth a base as possible. Taking the time to moisturize is going to take down the time you spend blending!

DON’T Get Cheap

If you want efficiency, you’re going to need high quality. It’s all about blending as quickly as possible for the on-the-go-contour-queen, cheaper contouring products just won’t do the job as well. You should invest in higher-end contouring products to save you time in the long run!

DON’T Go For Powder

Powder contour just doesn’t quite give you the coverage and precision you need. It takes a lot of building up on top of other contouring products; skip the hoopla and stick to a cream product. Creams are going to blend more seamlessly into your skin and give you faster and bolder results!

DO Go For a Crayon

Do we really have time to mess about with a full on palette? NO! Again, efficiency is key, and there’s nothing quite more efficient than drawing onto your face and being done with a couple of swipes!

DO Go Double Sided

Multi-tasking is essential for a glam girl on the go. Luckily, there are plenty of contouring crayons on the market that typically come double-sided. One side should have your darker contour shade and one should have a concealing, highlighting shade.

DON’T Waste Time With Foundation

While for a night out we’re sure you have all the time in the world to spend ages on a million steps before getting to contouring. Well, for an on-the-go contour you want to be in and out! Luckily for us, contouring products actually have a fair bit of coverage. Instead of wasting time with a foundation and a concealer etc. just skip them all and cover your problem areas with the highlighting concealer (this is where you’ll thank us for making you spend more!)


How To Contour Your Face

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