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How to Contour Your Jawline to Better Define Your Face

Candace Kita Shows You How to Contour Your Jawline

Right now, in the age of Instagram, almost everyone knows about contouring. However, many forget to contour their jawline while they are adding definition to their faces. Why do you contour your jaw? Contouring that line at the bottom of your face gives you a slimmer-looking facial shape. It does so by making it look more defined. To put it simply, it creates an optical illusion of a shadow under your chin that gradually comes down onto your neck. Candace Kita always contours her jawline, and she’s here to show you her simple steps to achieve that gorgeously defined shape.

First, color the underside of your jawline with a color darker than your skin-tone. Make sure you do it in the line directly under your jaw all the way across the bottom of your face. In this video, Candace uses Too Faced Sweet Peach Glow.

It will look darker at first, but, again, we are creating the optical illusion of a shadow, so that is okay.

Next, blend the line with a moistened beauty blender to smooth the color down your jaw towards your neck.

And that’s it! It’s very quick and easy to get a beautifully defined jawline!


How to Lightly Contour Your Face to Give It Definition

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