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How to Contour Your Boobs for Insta-Cleavage!

Makeup always seems to answer our beckoning call. When we’re in desperate need of a quick fix, it’s there. For those of us who are not blessed with a flawless natural structure, contouring comes to save the day. At first, it arose as a simple way to define our cheekbones. As time passed by, we ended up drawing all sorts of lines across our faces, buffing it in and calling it contouring. Women looking pretty much pre-op has become the norm on Instagram, and we’re totally for it! Why not fake your way to your ideal look- we have the tools; we might as well put them to use. Well, if you’re on board with us, then wait until you hear about the latest contouring fad: boobs! It’s all about the boobs. Most of us weren’t blessed with naturally booming bosoms, but who said we can’t fake it til we make it?

The Tools

Contouring products can come either in powder or cream form. Depending on what you’re planning to contour you can choose between the two. For a contour that’s going to last and stay in place, and we definitely don’t want to end up with our boob contour down our bellies, you should first use a cream contour and then set it in place with a powder contour.

Cream contour palette or crayon

Ideally, you should opt for a cream contour that comes in crayon or pencil form. That way it will be easier to control and get you a more accurate line. When it comes to contouring, you want a bronze type of color with a grey undertone rather than warm. This is important because the grey/taupe undertone is what makes your contour look like natural shadows rather than drawn on lines.

Powder contour palette

When talking contour powder, go for a contour palette so you can have every shade you may need in one place. Contour palettes will typically come with a couple of brightening shades to set your concealer and darker shades with differing undertones that are perfect for setting all of your hard work in place!

Beauty Sponge

Let’s all avoid the dreaded brush strokes struggle and stick to a sponge. Sponges like the Beautyblender are going to really melt the product into your skin and leave a seamless, undetectable finish. Plus- it’s much easier to work with; all it takes is a few pats!

Fluffy brushes

When it comes to powder products, you’re going to need a brush to apply them. Go for larger fluffy brushes to give you a more blended out effect.

All of the glow

Highlighters are all the rage, and there’s no reason to stop at our cheekbones. To get that flawless cleavage we all want, highlighter plays a huge role, you’ll find out how…

Instant Boob Lift

1. Create the Cleavage

The first step to getting the breasts of your dreams is to grab your cream contour with the coolest undertone and draw two Cs on the inner sides of your boobs (where your cleavage would naturally be). You can personalize this to how close together or far apart you want your boobs to appear. You can either simply draw an arrowhead right at the top of your cleavage area, or if you have smaller breasts, then the more believable approach would be to stick to the C’s method.

2. Brighten

In order to contour and create shadows, you also have to contrast with brighter areas. That’s where your concealer contour shades come in. Apply the lighter shade in your cream palette in the same shape of the contour only on the inner edge.

3. Blend blend blend

Now take your beauty sponge and begin to pat it in. You don’t want to roughly pat all over your boobs because you’ll lose the dimension you just created. Instead, focus on patting in that concealer, and then move on to patting the contour in while pressing it into the concealer to create a gradient effect. The key is to blend well without over-blending it all into nothing!

4. Set & Perfect

Here’s where you put your powder products to work. Repeat the same first 2 steps, except this time using the powder equivalent. What this is going to do is set your work in place while giving it even more definition!

5. Glow Up

We’re definitely living in the age of highlight. We all bow down to that glow, and we’re about ready to bathe in it. Patting some powder or liquid highlighter onto your collar bones and on either side of your cleavage can give your boobs more shape and dimension. It really elevates them and gives more volume- doesn’t hurt that you’ll get some extra glow whenever the light hits your body.


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