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Why Makeup for Kids is the Most Toxic on the Market

Nothing can prepare you for becoming a mother. It’s a strange/beautiful sensation. This tiny stranger suddenly consumes your life, demands your time and fills your heart. Oh, that and the fact that none of your belongings are truly your own anymore. Once those tiny legs start walking, it is game over. Mothers the world over face the daily struggle of stopping their children from messing about with their makeup. Just as you buy your daughter her first barbie, comes the day you buy her first little kid’s makeup set. Oh, what you’re gonna give to take that move back once you’re done reading this…

It’s natural. Your child is going to be demanding to have makeup to play with. In fact, you’re probably going through her pleading as you read this. Well, we’re here to tell you why you should stick to a doll instead of makeup for kids.

Toxic Chemicals

Kid’s makeup has proven to contain seriously toxic chemicals. It is crazy to think that a product marketed towards young children would pose such a danger to them. Kid’s makeup can be found anywhere (remember Claire’s?) and is very popularly purchased. What we’re not being told is what is actually in it.


About a year ago, the Breast Cancer Fund researched kid’s makeup in depth and the world shuddered at what they found. Their research proved that many of the kid’s makeup on the market contain carcinogens as well as an array of other harmful toxins.


Justice is a widely popular young women’s store. They sell clothes, accessories, and are especially known for their great range of kid’s makeup. Well, not anymore that is.

It was revealed a while ago that there were traces of asbestos found in Justice’s makeup. Justice quickly rebutted the accusations claiming that a third party testing lab cleared the products of any Asbestos. It’s all pretty messy, but where there’s smoke. The same thing happened last year with makeup products aimed at children found at Claire’s.

How These Harmful Agents Get Into Children’s Makeup

Typically most of the kid’s cosmetics that exist are primarily powder products. From eyeshadows to blushes, it is generally powders that children enjoy playing around with and that exist on the market. Since the products are primarily powder, they are made with Talc. Talc and Asbestos are minerals that form together, so it isn’t a surprised when Talc comes along with Asbestos.

Why You Should Care

Like we mentioned above, children’s makeup are usually powder products. You know how when you dip your brush into a powder you get that little mist of kick back? Well, that’s what you need to be afraid of!

Not only are these toxic chemicals going to be harmful by simply sitting on your children’s skin, but the biggest concern here is them inhaling it. Most makeup is very closely applied to noses and mouths, that’s why it is inevitable to breathe some in.

Inhaling carcinogens or asbestos can be extremely damaging, especially to kids. At such a young vulnerable age it is so easy for their weaker immune system to react horribly to something as simple as makeup. The Breast Cancer Fund even went so far as to claim some of this toxic makeup to be deadly.

As parents, you do everything in your ability to protect your child. There are so many things you can’t predict and cannot prevent, but stopping your child from using kid’s makeup is an easy step to take. Perhaps it would be for the best to let them smear Lancome’s finest across their face.


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