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Motherly Instinct, the Best Tool a Mom Can Have

Pregnancy is such a magnificent time in a woman’s life. Women were born to give birth, so all the tools that they need lie right inside of them. Keeping things simple, organic, and listening to your motherly instinct is possibly the best thing that you could do. Every woman and child is different, as well as each labor. So you have to find what works for you and your baby.

I want to share with you some of the most powerful knowledge that I acquired while I was pregnant. These tools seem so simple but were so effective and I believe the main reason why I had such a wonderful experience with pregnancy and labor.

The first thing is to talk to your belly. It might seem silly at first but the little soul within is listening. They get used to your voice and it begins the connection and bond that the two of you will use for the actual labor. Your baby has to do a lot of work too and the more you work together the better the outcome will be. You can talk to them and let them know what is going on when you wish them to be born and most importantly what to do when it is time. A couple nights a week leading up to my labor I would talk to my baby and being very specific I would say, “Keep your head down, back to Mommy’s belly, and chin to your chest.” This is the ideal way for your baby to be born because its head is first and by them keeping their chin to their chest, the crown of their head is at their smallest point. This became a mantra for me in preparation for my son’s birth. I truly believed he listened and visualized just that as I said it. My son came on time and exactly how I told him to.

The other very important tool I learned makes so much sense now that I am aware of it but I am still amazed that you are usually told to do just the opposite. During my labor my midwife kept telling me to relax my jaw. The outcome was a very primal, yet beautiful moan. It’s the release that my midwife was trying to get me to do. See the jaw symbolizes your vaginal canal so when you clench your jaw, your vaginal canal is not able to relax and open. In the movies you always see women practically grinding their teeth! No wonder they never dilate and have to get Pitocin and cesareans.

Women were born to bear children. Sometimes you just have to be quiet enough to hear your motherly instincts. Mothers always know best.

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