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Wearable Glitter Makeup Looks That Everyone Can Pull Off

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There’s a fine line between wearing glitter the sexy way and looking like you’ve escaped a kindergarten classroom. As pretty as they look, these sparkly particles are so tricky to use. Thankfully, we’ve fully departed from the ’90s chunky glitter look. Truth to be told, we didn’t have many options back then but loved to use glitter. So, please don’t judge ’90s kids, they did their best to wear glitter the cool way. Fast forward to 2019, glitter comes in many forms and formulas. With so many options, it’s a shame to stay matte and boring during the holiday season. We turned to the best Instagram makeup artists to bring you wearable glitter makeup looks. Scroll down to get your inspiration going.

wearable glitter makeup looks
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Photo By @gordgeorge/Instagram

First of all, we are lucky to have ultra-fine glitter that gives a high-shine effect without looking tacky. For instance, this fiery halo eye makeup look with a pop of glitter will give you a seductive gaze without being too loud.

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