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The Dolphin Skin Makeup Trend Will Give You The Radiant Complexion of Your Dreams

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Nothing beats that sunkissed summery look you get while laying on the beach. You might not be able to afford a seaside vacation every week but that doesn’t mean your skin can’t look super radiant all the time. Flawless glowing skin is every woman’s utmost desire, and the latest beauty trend is about to give us just that. Dolphin skin – as they call it- is the latest makeup craze that’s taking Instagram by storm. Keep reading to find out how you can create a seaside skin and envious all-over glow.

dolphin skin makeup trend
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Photo By @emmachenartistry/Instagram

The name was coined by A-list celebrity makeup artist Mary Phillips that glams up the likes of Kendall Jenner and J Lo. Her vision for dolphin skin is “how you’d imagine your face looking after a dip in the pool” – wet, sunkissed, and silky smooth.

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