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Why Westworld’s James Marsden is a Triple Threat!

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Talented James Marsden can do it all!

When you think of James Marsden, you might initially think he’s just a hot guy. And indeed, early on in his career he was a Versace model. But James Marsden is a multi-talented actor, singer and dancer too! You might remember him in Hairspray as Corny Collins and as Prince Edward in the Disney film, Enchanted! There, he might have caught you off guard too as not only is he talented musically, he’s hysterically funny!

Now, you can see him as Teddy Flood in HBO’s hit, Westworld. And he’s got tongues wagging as he’s gained super fans all over the world! So, let’s take a look at some of James Marsden’s best looks both on and off the red carpet!
With that wide grin and those bright blue eyes, he really IS Prince Charming!

Seriously, who could resist a smile like this?

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