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Kim Kardashian’s Natural Hair Sparked A Lot Of Debate

It’s no secret that Kim Kardashian always looks flawless. Her clothes are tailored to her figure, her makeup is impeccable, and her hair is always silky, long, and almost glass-like. However, we often forget that Kim isn’t the one doing her makeup and hair. She has a whole team of makeup artists and hairstylists whose only job is to make sure that she looks as good as humanly possible. But once we get a glimpse into what Kimmy looks like behind the scenes, we all sigh with a slight sense of relief. At least that was the case for me when I saw Kim Kardashian’s natural hair in one of North’s TikTok videos. 

Baby, it’s cold outside 

You probably already know that Kim and her oldest daughter, North West, have a joint TikTok account. They have been making headlines recently with the videos they post. Some examples are North dressing up as her father Kanye, or Kim lip-syncing to one of Taylor Swift’s biggest hits.

But the one video that sparked a lot of debate on the internet was, at first, nothing controversial. North shared a clip of her and her mom singing along to the song “Baby it’s cold outside.” It appeared as if Kim just got out of the shower. She was sitting on her bed in pajamas with her hair still wet. 

But the one thing that most people were noticing is how different Kim’s hair looked. The ‘Skims’ owner dyed her hair platinum blonde back in May. Everyone was wondering how she kept it as healthy as it appeared in her social media pictures. Turns out that you can’t prevent bleach damage. Even if you have Kardashian money. 

Kim’s natural hair

In the video, you can see that the hours-long bleaching process before the Met Gala definitely took a toll on the health of Kardashian’s hair. The ends look thin, and you can notice that she has a fair amount of frizz. The color is also different from the one we saw on her Instagram page.

While there is nothing wrong with the way Kim’s natural hair looks, it still sparked a lot of debate. The comments are turned off on the original video, but fans of the reality show star didn’t shy away from sharing their opinions on other social media platforms. 

Twitter user @maredparry wrote: “Realising that this is what Kim Kardashian’s real hair looks like despite having the best possible care that money can buy has made me feel so much better about my own ngl.”

The bottom line

To be honest — I was a bit shocked as well when I saw how Kim’s hair really looks. The 42-year-old has been very vocal about the fact that she uses luxury products to maintain it, and she also has nonstop access to the world’s best hairdressers. But we just can’t deny the fact that if you over-process your hair, and dye it from black to platinum blonde in just a couple of hours, you will have noticeable damage. The video just proved that you aren’t immune to split ends even if your name is Kim Kardashian.

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