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Ezra Miller Controversies Continue

Ezra Miller is a 29-year-old American actor most famous for his role as Flash in The DC Universe movies. Miller has played other roles in TV and movies and is an up-and-coming Hollywood star.

Of late, the upcoming movie star has been plagued by many controversies, which could send his career on a downhill spin he may never recover from. The following are some of the controversies that Ezra has been involved in recently: 

Choking Woman At a Bar

In April of 2020, a short video went viral on social media and was a video of a man choking a woman at a bar. The man was later discovered to be Ezra Miller and was a massive push for female self-defense classes.

It was a gruesome video that involved choking the woman and slamming her to the ground. Though the woman initially appeared to be laughing in the video, a source at the bar later said it was a severe altercation that necessitated Ezra’s escort from the bar by security and friends.

The bar was in Iceland, and later the news reported that the woman might have been among a group of pushy fans who confronted Ezra.

Multiple Altercations in Hawaii

In March of 2022, Hawaii News Now reported Miller was arrested on disorderly conduct and harassment charges due to an incident at a local bar. According to the police, a disagreement about karaoke led to Ezra and his group attacking a man.

In the same month, still in Hawaii, several people claimed that Miller forcefully entered their bedroom and threatened them. Miller was charged with harassment, but the charges were later dropped as part of a plea deal. A restraining order was filed against Ezra but dropped the following month. 

Attacks A Mother And Her Child

Ezra was in another controversy that involved harassment against a woman and her 12-year-old child. According to the mother, Miller attacked them with a gun in a neighbor’s house and exhibited very inappropriate behavior towards the child.

Apparently, Ezra and his posse were attracted to the woman and her child, who is non-binary. However, when they did not reciprocate the interest, they became threatening and showed her the gun while hurling harsh words at them about their sexuality.

Nothing more was reported about the incident, but Ezra was arrested, leading to a Warner Bros meeting about his role in the company’s productions.

Hosting Mother of Three In Unsafe Farm

In June of this year, Rolling Stone reported that Ezra was hosting a 25-year-old woman and her three children aged one to five on his Vermont farm. Ezra had met the family in Hawaii and contacted them to come to stay with him.

The parent’s child and others raised concerns saying the farm was not a safe environment for children. They said there were a lot of guns and ammunition at the farm. The mother claims that Ezra helped her and the children out of an abusive environment and termed the farm a ‘healing haven.’

Accused of Assault in Berlin

In June 2022, Ezra was accused of assault by a woman named Nadia in Berlin. Nadia said she had a friendship with Ezra after a consensual sexual encounter in 2020, so it was normal for her to invite Ezra and his friends to her apartment in Berlin.

However, after saying they could not smoke in the house, they lost it and started harassing her. They trashed her apartment and were very intrusive in their approach. Miller’s uncertain future continues after the incident, which led to a criminal complaint that has since been dropped. 

Ezra Miller is a good actor, but outside the studio, he is an enigma. The above incidents are some of the controversies that continue to plague the actor. There is a lot of contention about his role as Flash and his future in Hollywood which will be interesting to see. 

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