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Why Does My Hair Go Limp? Your Guide to Fixing Lifeless Hair

Healthy hair is supposed to be thick and full of life. However, some women have limp and lifeless hair due to various reasons, including their genes. The good news is that you can fix this problem, especially if you don’t have fine hair. To give you a better view, here are some common causes of limp hair and ways to fix them.

Common Causes of Limp Hair

1. You’re Using the Wrong Products

As you know, it is strongly recommended to use products that are suitable for your hair type. Remember, using products that are not compatible with the texture of your hair may result in limp hair.

Aside from using the wrong products, limp hair may also be caused by the improper application of the products. For instance, it is strongly recommended to avoid applying conditioner to the roots of your hair. Plus, you should also rinse your hair properly so that the conditioner will not weigh down or flatten your hair.

2. You’re Hair Styling Technique is Wrong

One of the most common causes of limp hair is using the wrong styling technique. Keep in mind that when you’re heat styling your hair, it is best to avoid styling the roots. Remember, heat styling your hair roots flatten your hair. A lot of women to this method to make their tresses appear longer. However, it may also result in limp hair.

3. You’re Not Getting Enough Nutrients

Always remember that your diet can affect the condition of your hair. It is recommended to eat a balanced diet to ensure that your tresses are strong and healthy. Eating foods rich in proteins is also vital in obtaining healthy hair.

Ways to Fix Limp Hair

1. Wash Your Hair Regularly

One of the most common causes of limp hair is the build-up of oil and dirt, which will weigh down your strands. As such, you can prevent limp hair by regularly washing your tresses. Additionally, it is also recommended that you detox your hair at least once a week. You can use a clarifying or detox shampoo to remove the oil and dirt accumulated on your scalp and strands.

2. Opt for the Right Haircut

Another popular method to fix limp hair is to opt for the right haircut. Remember, some hairstyles or haircuts can make your hair appear thicker. For example, a layered haircut is a good choice if you want to add volume to your hair. Generally, shoulder-length haircuts are excellent choices to make your hair appear voluminous.


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