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Tips To Keep Your Hair Healthy And Long

Long and healthy hair is a sign of youthfulness and good health. While genetics can affect how quickly your hair will grow or whether it tends to be curly or straight, there are many things you can do to make sure your hair stays long and strong no matter what kind of locks you were born with.

Whatever your type of hair–thick strands, fine flyways, oily scalps, dry ends –there are ways to keep it looking great for years to come. The following tips cover the basics you should know, covering topics like taking care of your scalp, using natural oils in everyday products, protecting against humidity problems, and avoiding diet pitfalls, including too much protein.

 1 – Avoid shampooing Your Hair Every Other Day

Shampoo strips your hair of natural oils that protect it from solid rays, excess humidity, and even the harsh chemicals in the water.

While cleansing every second day can be a bit much for most people, going several days without shampooing is a great way to keep your locks healthy and shiny. For oily scalps or total immersion in chlorinated pools, washing every other day is ideal.

 2 – Use the right hair straighteners

 The heat from curling irons, straighteners, blow-dryers, and hot rollers can harm your hair by stripping it of moisture and causing split ends. Curling tools should never touch wet strands, as this causes them to overheat.

Hot rollers should be allowed to cool at least five minutes before removing, and you should hold straighteners against the hair long enough to straighten, but not so much that it changes color.

For this reason, if you have to use hair straighteners, which you can effectively set the amount of heat you want to use, you can get one from OGLF (Our Good Living Formula) and enjoy beautiful and healthy hair.

 3 – Use Natural Oils In Your Hair Care Routine

 While heavy oils may make your hair look greasy when used sparingly, lighter natural oils can add shine and strength if massaged into dampened locks or applied after shampooing. These include coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil, grape seed oil, avocado oil, orange-seed oil, and castor oil. 

 4 – Protect Against The Effects Of Humidity

 For a frizzy mess of hair, no matter how much you smooth or slick it back into a tight style, humidity is the enemy. To combat it, invest in a hair-specific leave-in conditioner that protects against frizz, as well as a gel or mousse that provides additional hold.

5 – Don’t Swallow Your Hair Care Products

Excessive protein intake can cause your body to lose too much protein through your hair and nails, making them thinner and possibly brittle.

Hair products are not a good source of protein, so if you want long locks, avoid supplements marketed for this purpose, especially those made from animal proteins.     

6 – Eat Well For Longer Hair

When taking care of your body is just as important as caring for your hair, it’s worth noting that there are foods that have long been considered excellent for hair, skin, and nails.

 These include cranberries packed with vitamin C, biotin, zinc, manganese, copper, potassium, phosphorous, calcium, niacinamide, Vitamin B6, folate, selenium, and proteins.

 7 – Don’t Wash Your Hair Every Day

The best way to keep your hair healthy is by not washing it too often. This will allow natural oils in the scalp to condition your hair naturally instead of stripping away all of its natural lubrication. Washing once or twice a week is an ideal frequency for most people. Rinse And Repeat Into The Night.

Repeating this process at night before you go to bed is also a great way to deep condition your hair and prevent it from breaking before its time.  

8 – Keep Your Hair Clean

Another tip for keeping your hair healthy and shiny is making sure you keep it clean. Since most shampoos contain harsh chemicals that can strip the hair of natural oils, try using an all-natural shampoo that uses ingredients like tea tree oil, rosemary, and apple cider vinegar.

When using these products, be sure to follow up with a deep conditioner and always apply a moisturizing cream or leave-in conditioner.    

 9 – Trim Only The Damaged Ends

While trimming off broken hairs every six weeks may seem sensible; this can stress the hair and cause it to grow even more slowly than usual. Instead, try trimming only damaged or split ends every three months, which will prevent them from growing into healthy hairs.

10 – Use Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse

One of the best ways to protect your hair against damage is using an apple cider vinegar rinse after washing it. Not only does this help strip away any gunk that may be left behind in your hair, but its antibacterial properties can also help heal any scalp issues you may be experiencing.      

11 – Clarify And Condition But Once A Week

Since clarifying shampoo can dry out locks over time, treat your hair with an all-natural deep conditioner once a week.

Make sure the product is free of oils and petroleum, which can weigh your hair down, and follow up with a conditioning leave-in when you’re done to help give your hair a smooth finish without any greasiness or residue.

 12 – Don’t Let Anyone Touch Your Hair When It’s Wet

Never let anyone touch your hair until it has been entirely blow-dried since wet hair is prone to breakage. If another person must brush or style your hair before you have had a chance to towel dry it yourself, ensure you use a wide-toothed comb that minimizes pulling on the roots as much as possible.

Your hair is a direct reflection of your health and wellbeing. And with the proper care, you can have shiny, healthy locks for years to come. Hopefully, with these tips in mind, it will be easier to manage your mane so that it looks great all year round. What are some ways you keep your hair looking its best?

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