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Start 2022 Out Right with These Bright and Vibrant Hair Colors

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2022 is here! Do you know what should be first on your agenda? A hairstyle alteration. And there are plenty of vibrant hair color trends waiting for you to try them. While the major color trends of the last two years have been natural colors, experts anticipate that 2022 will be all about experiencing fun as life begins to (hopefully) restore back to normal.

That means you can color your hair any color your heart desires, and we have lots of suggestions. Why settle for standard highlights when you may have violet highlights or burgundy champagne?

You can also celebrate your natural hair color by simply adding highlights, or opt for a mid-range look with an ombre or balayage. To complement your fire attitude, experiment with vibrant fashion hues such as brilliant green, purple, orange, pink, and blue! Read on below for these bright and vibrant hair color ideas.

Start 2022 Out Right With These Bright And Vibrant Hair Colors 2
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Photo By @haircraftedby_sarah/Instagram

These jewel-toned hair colors may be worn alone or with a rooted mane for an edgier emerald green hairstyle. The deep, rich color stands out without being overly bright. Because of the depth and dimension, it looks good on a wide range of skin tones.

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