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Do You Know How to Wash Your Hair the Right Way?

Sometimes it can seem like there’s something new that we’re doing wrong every single day. We’ve all come across those trending articles with numerous exclamation points telling us we’ve been doing our makeup wrong all this time. While sometimes it feels like our mother is warning us, sometimes they’re really onto something. Well, this is one of those times — and it’s about how to wash your hair.

Shampooing our hair is a common task that we don’t take too seriously. Well, it’s time for a wake up call! Time to stop doing the motions we can do in our sleep and realize the right way to wash our hair. We’re here to give you the tips and tricks that professional hair stylists swear by to wash hair the right way. Figuring out how your hair needs to be treated can completely transform the quality of your hair and how easy it really could be to style!

Brush Before

Washing your hair right way is guaranteed to cut down excess frizz. Going about things the right way can help leave you with smoother and softer hair before even blow drying. Something that tends to frizz up our hair without realizing is brushing it too much.
Working a brush through your hair can cause more breakage and leave it frizzy, especially if you have naturally curly hair. That’s why it’s best to thoroughly brush through your dry hair before even stepping into the shower. This way you can sort through any tangles or knots and then you won’t even need to brush your hair after. If you absolutely must, then brush it lightly directly out of the shower. Don’t wait for it to dry before brushing.

Heat Things Up

Once you step into the shower, make sure your water is at a hot setting. Thoroughly rinse through your hair. Using hot water is going to really open up your hair cuticles. Rinsing it under hot water will really deeply wash your scalp remove any dirt before you go further.

Condition – Dry Hair Only!

This may sound crazy, but some hair stylists actually recommend applying some conditioner to the ends of your hair before washing. Conditioning the ends is going to stop your hair from drying out and getting too stripped by the shampoo. Condition, then rinse thoroughly before moving on to the shampoo.

Stick To Your Roots

Another unusual method that hair stylists swear by is applying the shampoo right at your roots. This trick is perfect for every hair type. If you have oilier hair, then this will keep it from getting greasy super fast; if you have dry hair, this will keep your ends from drying out! It’s a win win!
Focusing the shampoo at the first few inches of your hair is going to deeply wash your hair where it needs to be cleansed without stripping the rest. When rinsing it out, the shampoo will run through the ends of your hair. That’s about all the shampoo they’ll need!

Massage Time

We rarely take our time when it comes to washing our hair. It’s really an in-and-out job. But taking the few extra minutes to deeply massage the shampoo into your scalp not only feels great, but also does a world of good. Massaging your scalp helps increase blood flow and stimulate healthy hair growth. Regularly massaging your scalp can give you healthier and fuller hair naturally! Don’t take this tip too lightly- it actually works !

NEVER Repeat

The biggest and most common way you can screw over your hair is by washing it twice. No, no, no! This is not going to deeply wash your hair, it’s going to seriously strip your scalp and leave you with a drier, frizzy mess that’s more prone to breakage! The one will do just fine, thank you very much!

Tighten Your Cuticles Up

Once you’ve washed and conditioned your hair (focus the conditioner at the mid-lengths to ends of your hair) it’s time for one last trick to really seal it all in. Despite your worst fears, switch that faucet to cold and run cold water through your hair. While sending shivers down your neck, this trick is going to close up your cuticles and seal in everything you’ve just done. You’re going to get the best results out of your shampoo and conditioner of choice by turning the temperature down.
Now that you have these tips, we have a feeling we’re about to see hundreds of beautiful hair photos on Instagram. Make sure to tag us!
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