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What Energetic Residue Are You Leaving Behind?

Everything is Energy

A few years back, my date and I went to a private club to listen to music. The minute we walked through the door the atmosphere was alive with the sound of a full drum kit, a bass guitar, a piano and the raw vocals of the lead singer. We showed our pre-paid tickets and walked up the steps to the main room. We passed through the doors and headed to the bar. The bar was jammed and there was a couple was standing next to us having a not-so-quiet argument. Waiting for our drinks, I began feeling uneasy as if there was something wrong. It felt like I was being squeezed by some invisible pressure. The longer I stood there, the more I felt out of sorts. I even became a bit disoriented. It was so strange because I had felt fine all day.

We didn’t stay long due to the uncomfortable sensation I was experiencing. As we walked back through the main doors and down the steps, the disorientation began to subside. Once outside, it was completely gone. It was so strange but, I felt fine again just like I did before entering the building. The only thing I could think of is that I must have picked up the energy of the space, the people arguing next to us or some combination thereof. I can’t be certain what it was exactly, but I do know a bit about energy.

Everything is energy. This includes people, the animal and plant kingdoms, the material world and more. In fact, in the world of quantum physics it has been proven that physical atoms are made up of whirlwinds of energy that are constantly spinning and vibrating; each one radiates its own unique energetic frequency. We are made up of the same kinds of atoms which means each one of us also radiates our own unique energetic frequency. It’s like an energy autograph and we leave a residue of our autograph everywhere we go.

We sense other people’s energy all the time without realizing it because it’s so natural for us. For example, most of us have been in a meeting or in a restaurant when someone walked in the room and we sensed their presence. It’s as if we could feel their energy. Maybe the person was unhappy and we felt the air get a little heavy or perhaps the person was smiling and happy and we felt a lightness in the room. No matter what, that person carried an energetic frequency that we sensed and interpreted. However, we not only sense the energy, we are often affected by it. We might take on the bad mood of that unhappy person and become cranky for no apparent reason. If the person was smiling and happy, we might smile and feel happy, too.

All of us are carrying an energetic frequency and projecting it out into the world. What kind of energy we project depends on our state of mind, our general sense about the world and our sense about ourselves. The residue we leave from this energy not only affects others, but it stays in the space we occupied. This is important information because it means that what we think, say and do matters.


Harsh Words and Hateful Actions Matter

One of the biggest issues in schools today is bullying. Cyber bullying is when an individual or group uses information and communication technologies for deliberate, repeated and hostile behavior specifically intended to harm another person or group. We see this often on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter where students demean, devalue and verbally destroy another student. Harsh, derogatory words are used by the bullying students to make the target feel horrible. And it works most of the time. Cruel rumors, impersonation and exclusion are the weapons of mass destruction employed here. But, this is projected energy that is not healthy, connecting, supportive or loving. When you leave your Facebook page, what residue have you left? Hate or Love?

Why does it matter what you leave? It matters because we are energy and high frequency energy, like that from love, kindness, compassion, understanding and connecting with one another, is healing to each person and the planet.

Hatred creates sickness because it is low, dense energy. This energy feels stressful in the body as it is out of alignment with the body’s true nature, which is also our true nature .¨ love. So, when we speak harsh words to another or act in ways that are unloving, others feel it and we feel it. And remember thoughts are energy, too. But, the same is true when we speak and act in loving ways in that this projected energy is felt by us and received by the other.

So, the question is: “What energy are you feeling within and what residue are you leaving in your wake?” It is time for us to become aware of this on a deeper level. We have the power to project and leave any kind of energy we want. Which do you choose?


Think, Speak and Leave Love

Cyberbullying isn’t a phenomenon that is left to students; adults do it, too. But, we tend to verbally bully each other more than we cyberbully. What happened to us that we think it is okay to treat ourselves and others this way? No matter how we got here, we can go forward from today, mindful of the effects of our energetic projections and residues. When we are mindful of these, we create the opportunity to change our experience of the world.

Now when you think you about writing mean things on your Facebook page about someone else, you can remember that your thoughts, words and actions matter. Be aware of the energy you will experience if you write those derogatory words and be aware of the energy the other person will feel and all those who read your words. And when you log out of your Facebook page, remember those words will still be there. The moment you are mindful of this is the moment you can change what is about to happen. This is also the moment you become powerful.

We are all powerful enough to change anything we think, do and speak. But, in today’s world, where loving everyone equally and without conditions is not well supported, we must also be brave because it is different to be kind, thoughtful and loving. It’s different because we are not as used to being loving as we are to being hurtful. This is strictly due to our training as we were growing. When we become adults, the reinforcement for meanness continues in the television programming, the workplace gossip mill and in many video games we play on our phones and tablets. But, we know in our hearts this is not correct. The training does not match our true state of being. We must be willing to say, “No, I’m not going to be mean to myself and others today. I’m not going to project or leave hurtful residue.” It is time for us to think, speak and leave love a residue of love every chance we get, everywhere

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