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How to Win the Battle Against Bloat

For many women, bloating is a daily occurrence that makes us feel puffy, gassy and full. Fitting into jeans or a slim skirt is nearly impossible and you can feel uncomfortable for hours. Worse yet, you can look like you are 3 months pregnant!
So, how do we combat bloat belly?

Avoid too much salt, alcohol and processed foods for starters. Carbonated beverages will make you gassy. Also, drinking water with lemon will help to combat bloat. Eating a protein filled breakfast will also help you not feel so inflated.

Refined carbohydrates are a major cause of bloat. Stay away from cereal, pasta, bread and crackers. If you are looking for a healthy snack that won’t puff you up, try a handful of nuts for a flat belly.
Artichokes are also known to stop bloat and are the perfect accompaniment to dinner!

By avoiding carbohydrates and processed foods and eating more protein you can have the small waistline you’ve always wanted!

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