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Watch Your Language! The Potent Energy of Words

"Whatever words we utter should be chosen with care for people will hear them and be influenced by them for good or ill." Buddha

Everything is Energy

Our world is made up of energy from the tiniest single-celled organism to the largest piece of granite on the planet, El Capitan in Yosemite, California. It doesn’t matter if you are a table, a bunny or a human being .¨ you are energy. In fact, everything in the universe is made up of various combinations of energetic cells wrapped in molecules, atoms and subatomic particles.

Most of us know that lightning, wind, gas and electricity are all examples of energy. However, when we look at ourselves in the mirror, we see a person, not a giant network of cellular electricity. Are we really a walking ball of energy? We certainly are and we can easily prove it. Have you ever shuffled your feet across the carpet and then rushed over to touch your little brother on the head for a good shock? I know I did. Shuffling your feet across the carpet charges you up with electricity and your body holds that charge until it comes in contact with the right source of energy to discharge it. You can certainly feel and hear this discharge of energy. And on a lucky day when the conditions are perfect you can even see the electrical shock. How else could this happen if we weren’t already part of the electrical circuitry of the universe?

Carpet and little brothers aren’t the only examples of energy. Actions, words and thoughts are examples of energy, too. In fact, actions, words and thoughts are powerful forms of energy that we often use against ourselves and each other. The good news is that we also use these forms of energy to create a lot of love in the world.


The Words We Speak Are Pure Energy

When I was younger, my family took me to the local county fair to play games, ride the Matterhorn and eat fun food. I remember once when I was there, I was transfixed on a game where people picked up a sledge hammer, lifted it into the air with all of their strength and then let it hurl towards earth until it hit a metal plate that shot a puck towards a bell. The winner was the one who made the bell ring. For a little kid like me who loved science (and still does), this was a great example of the energy of our actions. This kind of energy can also be seen when someone pushes another person or when we slam a door. As I grew up, I learned that energy can also be found in thoughts we have and in the words we use.

In school, we learned about the ear and how it translates air movements into sound signals which are sent to the brain where we recognize the sound as words, a barking dog or warning signal. Often, we take for granted the beautiful intelligence of the body to grab energetic vibrations and piece them together in the brain to seamlessly make our world understandable to us.
We forget that the ear doesn’t hear words as such; it hears vibrations or energy. This is how we can begin to understand and remember that words we speak are pure energy.

All words carry a tone or vibration with them. They are formed using breath, the voice box and the combination of our throat, nose, mouth and sinuses. Each person puts their own unique stamp on each word they speak that is influenced by emotion. We know that every emotion is also energy since emotions take place because of chemical reactions that occur in the body when certain visual, auditory or thought input is received. The vibration, or frequencies, of the words differ depending on emotion and other similar factors.


Low vs. High Energy Vibrations

As noted, one of the qualities of energy is that it has some form of movement or vibration. So, we aren’t just energy, we are energy in motion. And we are all vibrating at different frequencies. Some of the frequencies are low or slow and others are higher or faster. Low or slow frequencies can be dense or negative. A low or slow frequency doesn’t automatically mean a harmful energy is present, though this is most often the case. Low energy has less movement and is what gets stuck in our systems that can eventually lead to illness. There is a proven mind-body connection between repetitive negative thoughts and specific illnesses. Check out Louise Hay’s book, You Can Heal Your Life.

By contrast, higher or faster frequencies are lighter and positive. Higher frequencies are also healthier than low frequencies. High frequencies are the energies that heal us. Many of us have heard miraculous stories about people who survive a doctor’s death sentence. For instance, there are many great stories about cancer patients who were given only a few short months to live by medical doctors and were sent home to die. But, years later the people are alive and well. When asked how this could be, survivors consistently recite a positive attitude, daily affirmations of healing and, of course, exercise and good food as the means to beat the odds. These are all examples of higher, faster energetic frequencies and they serve us well.
Check the chart below to gain a better understanding of low and high energetic frequencies remembering that the low frequencies cause us pain, suffering and separation and high frequencies bring us support, tranquility and connectedness.


Low, slow vibrational energies

High, fast vibrational frequencies















So what are some examples of negative words and positive words that we use in daily conversation without ever thinking of the true effect they are having?



“I hate you!”

“I think you are fantastic!”

“I’m an idiot.”

“I’m as intelligent as anyone else.”

“You make me so angry!”

“Let’s talk about it so we can understand each other and find a solution.”

“People are stupid.”

“Everyone is struggling and needs some love.”

These examples give you an idea of what negative thoughts and words sound like. See if you can cut these out of your daily vocabulary and replace them with thoughts, words and phrases that are filled with love and kindness.


The Ripple Effect

We are all connected. That means we are all affected by the energy each of us puts out into the world. Just as a pebble creates a ripple in a pond, we, too, create ripples all around us as we move and speak. So, when you are yelling obscenities at someone, the energy you are creating is negative and that negativity has a ripple effect that touches the lives of those around you, including your pets and your children. On the other hand, the same is true for words of love, kindness and encouragement. These, too, create a far-reaching effect for those around you. The difference is in the overall effect of the words- one is detrimental and the other is healing.

The big question is, “What kind of energy are we creating each day?”
Taking another look at the chart above will provide you with a quick reference to see what you are creating each day with your actions, thoughts and words.
Choose your words wisely since the energy they carry may not be invisible to the naked eye, but the energy is definitely in motion. If you are going to leave any energetic impression at all, why not leave one that is loving and healing?


Words That Heal

We now have an understanding of the magical healing power of words as energy. Be aware of negative self-talk that is so detrimental to our health and happiness. If you hear yourself saying you are a loser or some other negative name, stop in that moment and replace it with a nice, high vibration word such as worthy or lovable.

I used to call myself names. In fact, I hated myself, though I didn’t realize it. One day, after reading The Four Agreements, by Don Miguel Ruiz, I decided to listen for any words that I used against me. I was shocked. I had no idea I said so many negative things about me and used so many words against myself. With a little practice, I stopped using words that worked against me and now I use words that work in my favor to bring relief, peace and love. See if you can do the same for you.

We can practice we can create a habit of using words that heal us, those around us and even the planet. You can start by talking nice to your plants if you have any. They respond well to sweet talk. Next, you can compliment your significant other and add in a “thank you” here and there. These are powerful ways to encourage and experience more love in your life. We all need more love. Finally, you can look in the mirror and say nice things about your hair, your body and your clothes. So many of us look in the mirror and sigh. This is not a sigh of relief, but one that says, “I’m missing something that others have and that makes them better than me.” Nothing is further from the truth. This is just poor training and can be changed with a little dedication.
Remember, words that heal are words that are kind, compassionate, gentle and loving. Use these when referring to you.

Over the years, science has proven that we can change our DNA with high frequency thoughts and words no matter if we are saying them to ourselves or someone else. This means that we can heal our heart, our body and our life with a shift to higher frequencies. We no longer have to be held, back, feel bad about ourselves, get sick and separate ourselves from our loves ones. We can just watch our language and use words that heal because it all matters. As Eckhart Tolle jokes, “The matter matters.”

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