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Top 7 Products for Female Cannabis Connoisseurs

Many people are under the misconception that marijuana is only harmful. However, there are many benefits to using cannabis. Marijuana can be used for medicinal purposes and has been proven to help with pain relief (especially when it comes to cancer-related pains), anxiety, nausea, glaucoma, and more. There are also many other positive effects of weed such as improved moods and increased appetite. Marijuana can even be used in cooking! Consumption methods for cannabis are also continually evolving, from dry herb vaporizers to a bubbler, like those available at DankStop, and even dab rigs, people now have healthy options for consumption. Now that marijuana is legalized in so many states, it is time for connoisseurs to find the perfect products to add to their collections, and here are 7 of the top products for female cannabis connoisseurs.

Dry Herb Vaporizers

One of the most popular products on the marijuana market today is the dry herb vaporizer, and the main reason for its popularity is the fact that it is not only stylish but also the healthiest way to consume marijuana. You can find just about any size dry herb vaporizer which means they are easy to conceal, don’t leave a lingering smell behind, can be easily cleaned, and don’t create harmful toxins, which makes them the perfect way to consume marijuana.

Marijuana Bath Bombs

Imagine being able to take a bath, which is already relaxing, and then feel even more relaxed without needing to smoke or vape anything. That is now possible with marijuana bath bombs, the latest craze in the cannabis market. Marijuana bath bombs come in a variety of aromas and work the same way through a process called percutaneous absorption. Basically, this means that the hot water opens your pores and allows the ingredients to absorb into your bloodstream much more easily, plus you get to relax.


Another popular marijuana product on the market, and one that has made the consumption of marijuana convenient and pleasurable for many people is edibles. While it is true that edibles have been around for a very long time, albeit in the form of brownies and cookies, the market has expanded even more. These days it’s possible to find candy, pastries, cakes and more. If you are a cannabis connoisseur and a foodie, then look no further, because edibles are the way to go.


Marijuana has been used for medicinal benefits for over 5,000 years, but only recently have we seen marijuana been used in skincare products. That is partly because it is only until very recently that it has been legalized. If you are looking for the benefits of marijuana without consuming it, then you will be pleased to know that marijuana skincare is now available. Marijuana skin care products work very well since most skincare problems stem from inflammation, one of the things that cannabis is great at treating.


With so many marijuana products on the market, such as dry herb vaporizers, oils, tinctures, vape pens, edibles, customized rolling paper, and more, you are going to need something to put all of it in. With the hustle and bustle of daily life, sitting still isn’t a luxury that many people have, and if you consume marijuana on the go, then you need a cannabis handbag. Not only are they stylish, made from hemp, and durable, they contain enough pockets and compartments to house not only marijuana-related products but all daily necessities too. 

Vape Pen

Just like the dry herb vaporizer, vape pens have become an incredibly popular choice for marijuana connoisseurs. While they might lack the ability to choose precise temperature settings, or have the largest chambers, they offer something even better; convenience. These small devices are stylish and are so small that they hardly take up space in a pocket or a handbag. More than this, most vape pens are hybrids, meaning you can use dry herb or even concentrate.


Finally, and last on the list is tinctures, which is the preferred method of marijuana consumption for those who don’t want to smoke or vape anything. Cannabis tinctures are great for measured doses and simply require a few drops to be dropped under the tongue. The bottles themselves usually have attractive branding and are small enough to fit just about anywhere. They offer relaxation and calmness at a moment’s notice and are a great addition to any collection for a connoisseur.  

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