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Alcohol Detox at Home

It is almost impossible to stay away from alcohol for a long time when being an alcohol addict. Alcohol detox at home is a great treatment method, relieving your withdrawal symptoms with the help of prescribed medication. If you want to beat your alcohol addiction, there are two available options: quitting alcohol yourself or undergoing rehab treatment. If you have strong willpower, undergoing a home detox is the first step on the way to a sober life. 

Serenity Addiction Centres offers a well-proven therapy of alcohol detox at home. It involves taking prescribed medicines to relieve withdrawal symptoms. In addition, the highly qualified therapists, nurses, and social workers are always on the phone to answer all your questions, manage your mental problems, and monitor your progress. If you are looking for an effective and affordable rehab centre, please, check the page

The Advantages of Detox at Home 

The method of treating addictions at home provides lots of benefits to every patient: 

  • not so expensive as treatment in the rehab 
  • free life without the necessity to stay in the clinic
  • 24-hour sessions with therapists over the phone 
  • 1-year aftercare
  • a trusted programme that includes 12 steps of treatment 
  • diet plans 
  • prescribed medications for withdrawal symptoms 

Staying in a clinic and undergoing treatment with movement limitations can make you feel uncomfortable and cut off from the outside world. Your body has to deal with inner stressful conditions, and when you are kept in a special establishment, you may feel lonely, forgotten, and pathetic. Detox at home gives you complete freedom and a feeling of independence. The only thing you have to do is to stick to several prescriptions and stay away from harmful surroundings. Keep in mind that Serenity Addiction Centres recommends such a method of treatment for patients with mild addictions or those with a high level of self-control. 

So, it is up to you to decide whether you will succeed in taking alcohol detox at home or not. Take into account your personal features, your level of determination and desire, and the availability of a safe space without any temptations.     

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