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Tips for the New Mom Working from Home

When you are a new mom, there are many benefits to working from home. This includes more bonding time with your baby, as well as an ability to easily feed or nurse them. Whether you are used to working in a home office or are new to a remote career, there are things you can do to adjust to life as a mother and professional. The following tips will help you to stay calm, positive and organized in each role.

Be Flexible

As a mom and professional, you will quickly come to a few important realizations. One of these is that working from home with a baby is not the same as working alone. Your little one will need you to feed and comfort them, regardless of how busy you are. Since your infant is your priority, this may mean you have to work in spurts. It may also mean that you have to do most of your work during naps or while your baby is asleep. Be patient with yourself as you find the pace and timing that works for you. Once you learn more about how you must work as a parent, you can design a schedule that meets the needs of both your employer and your child.

Create a Schedule

Decide whether it is best to work during the day, at night or for a couple of hours at different times of day. Once you find the right schedule, stick to it. Inform your customers, boss or clients about when you will be available by phone or email. The same hours will also make it easier to set deadlines and keep yourself from becoming overwhelmed. If you need help remembering when to start or stop work, set a reminder on your computer or smartphone.

Ask for Help 

While you are probably used to juggling many responsibilities,  you still need to care for yourself. Do not be afraid to ask for help as you adjust to your new roles. Perhaps your spouse can watch the baby as you finish an important project. A neighbor may be able to pick up your older children from sports or school. It may also be helpful to get assistance at work. Many bosses and co-workers are also parents, which means they know about the adjustments that come with being a new mom. Let them know as soon as possible if you need a few more hours to finish a job or need an afternoon off to care for your child. A proactive approach to your challenges can help you work as a team to achieve goals. Other ideas include hiring a temporary cleaning service or babysitter.

Declutter Your Desk

Since your home is littered with toys, feeding supplies and baby clothes, a little organization can go a long way. Do not worry about picking up the infant items. Instead, focus on decluttering your desk. File extra papers away or keep them saved in a digital format. Remove unnecessary décor or bulky office supplies. Excess furniture can be sold, moved to another room or donated to a secondhand store. Keeping your home office clean can help you feel more relaxed while you work. You may also feel more energized and productive.

Use Digital Tools

Today’s digital tools and innovative technology can make a new mom’s life easier. Some of the most helpful products are already widely used in home offices. If you work as a team, video conferencing apps can help you to stay in touch with clients and co-workers. Invest in a headset to communicate hands-free while holding the baby. Scheduling apps can help you set appointments automatically. Simply provide your customers or fellow employees with a link to the times you are available during the week. The app will alert you when a new meeting is on your calendar. By telling the digital assistant when you are unavailable, you will instantly block off time for feedings, playtime and naps.

Make Time to Relax

A new schedule and set of responsibilities at work is enough to make you tired. Add a new baby to the mix and you will definitely need to invest in doing more self-care activities. As you care for your child and achieve more at your job, do not forget to take care of yourself. One of the best ways to do this is to relax and de-stress.

Devote some time every evening to your mental and emotional health. Yoga, meditation and deep breathing exercises are all healthy ways to quiet the mind and unwind. Other ideas include walking in a quiet place outdoors, listening to tranquil music or taking a long shower. The most important thing about the activity is that it helps you feel at peace. When you begin a new day, you will feel more inspired and motivated.

Creating the Best Schedule for You and Your Baby

With all of the resources available to new moms today, it is possible to both achieve your professional goals and care for your baby. Learning how to best work from home is an excellent place to start. Along with the tips above, you can make your life easier by choosing convenient and helpful baby products.

Comfortable and functional baby clothes, such as bodysuits and matching outfit sets, can make dressing and laundry much easier. A sound machine and nursery blackout curtains can help your baby take restful naps and sleep better at night. Tummy time mats and infant swings will keep your little one entertained while you answer a phone call or email. No matter how you make your schedule or design your day, the most important thing is that it works for you and your family. After all, being a happy and healthy mom will only benefit your joyful, growing baby.

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