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How Parenthood Can Affect Your Romance

The transition into parenthood is a psychological process and a huge period in a couple’s life. For most people, having their first child and becoming a parent is one of the best moments in their life. However, parenthood may affect a couple’s romantic relationship. This is because you have to deal with the needs and demands of pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting. According to research, parenthood can affect the marital happiness of a couple either positively or negatively.

Every couple’s experience after the birth of their first child is different. For some, the transition to parenthood is smooth and strengthens their relationship. On the other hand, for other couples, it can be tedious and stressful, making them more distant from each other. Becoming a parent also brings more duties and responsibilities, hence couples having less time for each other. According to studies, couples who become parents are less likely to share romantic moments, unlike before they had their first child.

Factors that may affect new parents’ romantic relationship.


Factors such as age and how stable you are in life will affect your transition into parenthood. For example, older parents are less likely to become depressed compared to younger parents. This means that parents who are in their early 20s seem to have a harder time, usually as they are struggling to change from adolescents to full-blown adults. At the same time, having their first child; they are learning how to be parents.

Was the Pregnancy Planned?

Another factor that may affect the relationship between partners is whether the pregnancy was planned or not. If the pregnancy was unexpected, the couples will naturally face challenges in keeping their relationship healthy. Experts recommend that couples should agree on the best time to have their first child and share in the pregnancy by talking to each other about how they feel.  During pregnancy, couples must discuss their plans and their emotional changes.

Number of Children 

Couples who have two or more children tend to experience a huge workload both at home and outside, compared to those who only have one child. Several studies have confirmed that marital quality declines as couples have more children.

Relationship Tips for New Parents

Here are some tips on how new parents can keep their relationship romantic. Other than the tips given below, check out Happymatches for excellent first-date ideas that will help you keep your relationship healthy and romantic.

Get Enough Sleep

For new parents, a baby crying during the night makes sleeping unbearable. Lack of sufficient sleep may result in hostile behavior among couples, which may lead to conflicts and fights. Moreover, studies show that sleep debt results in poor mental performance due to fatigue.

Finding some time to sleep during the day will relax your mind, which makes you more efficient in your day-to-day tasks. Furthermore, a night of good sleep helps you control your emotions, thus avoiding unnecessary conflicts with your partner.

Be Appreciative

With the presence of a newborn who needs attention, along with several roles and responsibilities to undertake, most couples forget to appreciate each other for the little things. Lack of appreciation makes a romantic relationship boring. Despite acquiring added responsibilities as new parents, couples should appreciate each other to make the relationship enjoyable and fun.  

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