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5 ways to be confident and sexy while pregnant

Let’s be real. Pregnancy changes how you feel and look, but it doesn’t mean you have to change your sex life or feel less confident. Here are a few ideas on how to spice it up and get that confidence back.

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Jessica Hall, Photo Deja Jordan

1. Your breast are growing. Let’s take advantage of these ever changing growing breast that can turn your partner on by pairing it with some sexy lingerie. This is something new for your partner and you can really play it up. Both of you can enjoy this sexy perk of your new growing breast thanks to pregnancy. Remember sexy comes in all shapes and sizes. If you feel sexy, your partner will take notice.

2. Be open with your partner about how you feel and what both of you might enjoy during the time of being pregnant. If you are not on the same page, don’t worry both of you need to be open and go with the flow. Communication is always key. Try new things with your new voluminous body. It’s kinda of like role playing so go with it. Even if you feel exhausted which we all know is easy to be while pregnant try and doll yourself up. You always feel better after you do and your partner will love the effort.

3. There are also useful tools that you and your partner can experience together. Find out what is safe during pregnancy and have fun. Maybe try some new yoga moves that you learned from your prenatal yoga classes or invest in a karma sutra book. Since you will be limited to very few moves, it’s time to make your partner work for it. Have a sense of humor about it if maybe a certain move completely doesn’t work for you. Maybe say “let’s try something else that I heard my girlfriend talking about” work together on this. Who knows maybe you will try something so new and it turns you on like never before

4. We all have new items around the house while being pregnant. One thing I can’t sleep without is my pregnancy pillow. Now this pillow can be used for getting kinky in the bedroom. Think of new positions that you can do incorporating the pillow. Also you can use your belly cream as a fun way with your partner. Have him rub it all over your body and he can get a real good feel on your new curves. If you are craving sweets lets not keep them in the kitchen and maybe bring it up to the bedroom for some four play.

5. Remember to make time to feel intimate and sexy with your partner. Being pregnant shouldn’t make you feel less confident if anything this is probably the most sexiest time of your life. You are creating life and giving your partner the best gift of all. You are beautiful.

After getting pregnant I was worried about getting stretch marks.

I was hearing all this horror stories from other mothers and how bad they can be.

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I have been using it the results are amazing.
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I have help with products we are releasing, packaging, scents and even the names.
I’m so excited for this partnership because I have been involved from start to finish.

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