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Tips For Blending Clip In Hair Extensions for Short Hair

Girls with short hair sometimes might crave for inputting new styles to their head or incorporate something that can make their short hair look more fun and sexy. 

I love experimenting with my hair, last summer I decided to chop my actual hair length to prevent my long hair from sun and heat. But, after satisfying my itch to change my look – I was only regretting the next day.

After breaking up with long hair, I keep on wondering how I can achieve my look back. And the answer was: clip in remy hair extensions, which allowed me to experience the best of both the worlds – short hair and long hair – with absolutely no commitment and no damage to my hair. 

So girls, don’t worry! Consider me as your friend because I will discuss the best steps and tips that will accurately work for you, especially if you have short hair and want to hide your hair growth stages.         

Things to Remember Before Purchasing Hair Extensions

It is important that you invest hair extensions, which are at least 4 to 3 inches longer than your natural hair length. Choose small clips because they are attached to your natural hair, and if the clips are thick, it will be easily seen from your short hair.

When I first started using my clip in extensions, I did face some troubles. But, if you want to learn some of my blending techniques, then follow these simple steps. These steps will help you change your short hair to long beautiful, and thick while keeping the natural look flair. 

Step 1: Work With Extensions According To Your Natural Length

Try to pick short clip in hair extensions as they perfectly blend with your short hair.

Choose length ranging from 16 to 18 inches long, but if your natural length is way shorter, then look for shorter extensions.

If you face any struggle, then consult your hairstylist to do it for you.

Step 2: Set Your Goal

If you want to achieve volume and extra length, then choose more wefts. For incorporating decent volume and length, I use about one or two wefts to style my hair easily.

Tip: Don’t overload your head with hair extensions; this could show the clips (through short hair). 

Step 3: Use Extensions as Per Your Hair Density

I have blunt hair, so I choose thick hair extensions. Thin hair extension gave me a hard time blending because my natural hair is thick.

Tip: Ladies with thick hair use thick hair extension to achieve a more natural look. If you have some confusion about your hair thickness, compare it with clip in wefts.

Step 4: Choose the Best Quality Human Hair

Always invest in the best quality real human hair extensions even if they are expensive than synthetic hair. 

Trust me, buying real remy hair extensions will give you the freedom to dye or apply heat when styling.

Step 5: Match the Color of Hair Extensions to Your Hair

Here comes the most crucial step, always choose the same color hair extensions your natural short hair to achieve the natural look that you aspire. 

Tip: Even if you fail to choose human hair extensions that don’t match your natural hair color, you can dye your hair extensions

Step 6: Clean Your Scalp

Washing and conditioning is a vital step before applying for hair extensions. After this step, section your hair using hair ties. Divide your hairline into three to four different sections for the easy application.

Step 7: Teasing Helps

Girls with short hair like me, use a teaser brush or a comb to place where you intended to attach your clip in hair extensions. It will help to add volume and create a shelf, which will eventually make it easier for clipped extensions to stay securely.

I always backcomb my entire head to apply extensions easily and cover clips with my hair.

Tip: After working with different wefts, I never forget to use a hairspray for adding more grips.

Step 8: Practice, Practice, and Practice

After securely clipping all the hair extensions, make sure to cover them under the shelf you created. Look into the mirror to see that your short hair and extensions are perfectly blended. You can move your head gently to see whether the clips are adequately shut or not. 

If you struggle in putting hair extensions, feel free to seek professional help.

You all must have heard that practice makes a man perfect. I would rather say it also makes a woman perfect. Practice it twice or thrice, and you will be able to ace it.

Step 10: Use a Styling Tool to Blend Your Hair

Finally, you can either use a straighter or a curler wand to mix on your hair extensions with your natural locks.

Step 11: Few Drop Of Serum To Add Shine

Lastly, massage a few drops of shine serum in your palm and apply it overall length. It will make your hair look shiny and professionally styled.

Last Few Words

Blending is not hard. Keep working and practicing. Clip in hair extensionscater to everyone; you are a few steps away from accomplishing your goal.

I hope you find my steps useful. Wink! Wink! Thank me later! 

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