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Different Types of Short Haircuts

Everyone has a different attitude towards short female haircuts. Some consider them very beautiful as well as practical. To others, they seem less feminine, and lose in attractiveness to long hair. In any case, at least once in her lifetime, every woman looks at short haircuts to shake things up. In this article, we will consider the main types of short women’s haircuts. And we will pay attention to the nuances of choosing haircuts for different face shapes, taking into account the type of hair, as well as the general style of the female image.

Classic short haircut

This is one of the most popular haircuts, which has not lost its relevance since the beginning of its mass use. This haircut became popular in France at the beginning of the twentieth century. Hair cut by a straight line near the ears made a splash among women who only comprehended the basics of emancipation. They appreciated the practicality and elegance of such a hairstyle, which provided it with unquenchable popularity for many decades.

Classic short haircut options include straight lines and rounded ends in the face area. The last element slightly softens the overall strict look of the bob haircut. The length of the hair with a classic bob hairstyle is usually average – approximately to the middle of the neck or to the shoulders. In most cases, a mandatory element is a rather thick fringe in the form of the letter “P”.


Unlike the classic short haircut, in which the hair is cut in a straight line, the Bob is a graduated haircut, the silhouette of which resembles a bean due to the gradual narrowing of the shape to the bottom of the haircut.

zodiac signs hairstyles - taurus straight bob
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Photo By @jillianmariebeauty/Instagram

Bob for thin hair is a real salvation. It helps to give them the missing density and volume. In addition, such a hairstyle has an excellent anti-aging effect, which is known firsthand to women over 40. With this haircut and proper styling, you can easily lose at least 5-10 years.


Pixie is a female haircut with short cut neck and side strands and longer hair on the crown.

zodiac signs hairstyles - aries pixie cut
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Photo By @queenofstores/Instagram

Pixie haircuts can be of different lengths – from ultra-short to a more elongated or asymmetric version. With bangs very different in terms of cutting technique: with thick, elongated, milled or laid on one side.

Asymmetric haircut

A short asymmetric haircut has a huge variety of different options.

The oblique contour is the main accent of the hairstyle, it is important to correctly select it to the oval of the face. An asymmetrical haircut for short hair with a slanting bangs looks especially unique and bold – this is a rather complicated and interesting combination.

At the back of the head there are shortened curls, turning into a long “ragged” fringe, disassembled into a side part.


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