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5 Ways to Air Dry Hair Extensions

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First of all, you might be asking why it’s important to air dry extensions in the first place. Getting your hair extensions to last the longest amount of time possible is not only better for your wallet, but also better for the look of your extensions. Hair is fragile and doesn’t last forever. That’s one of the reasons many women end up looking to hair extensions. Heat styling, blow drying, dying, straightening, and chemical treatments to your own hair can do some major damage.

There are several things you can do to ensure a longer life for your hair extensions. The most important one is to minimize the amount of heat styling you apply to them. Blow drying your extensions might seem OK, but in the long run it’s not.
Once in a while, when you are in a hurry it’s OK, but totally eliminating the drying heat and friction that blow drying causes will save your clip-ins.

How long do hair extensions last? Cashmere Hair extensions are high-quality hair, but with daily wear and heat styling everyday, even great hair can become damaged quickly. Stick to these easy and clever methods to air dry your clip in hair extensions.

We recommend washing them the day before and letting them air dry overnight. There are several different ways that you can air dry them so that you don’t have to do any additional styling. Each one of these air dry options below will also help to style your extensions in different ways to help with creating a desired texture or look without causing any heat damage!


Since Cashmere Hair is real human hair and each set is a combination from multiple donors, you don’t always know what the natural texture will be like. But in most cases, it has a slight wave to it when you air dry them. This works out great if you also have a slightly wavy or a curly texture to your own hair. Brush out tangles after washing, clip the extensions to the hanger that comes with the Cashmere Hair Storage Bag, and hang them to dry. This will enhance and encourage the natural texture of the hair itself. You can also gently “scrunch” it in your hands to increase the amount of wave while it is air drying.

5 Ways to Air Dry Hair Extensions- viva glam magazine -HANG-DRY
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