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No Curling Wand? Other Ways to Get Those Curls

So, you want curly hair, but your curling iron seems to be on the fritz, or maybe you never had one in the first place. Don’t fear; even if you fall into one of the former categories, you can still get the curls you want with relatively little hassle. We’ve put together a few quick ways to get the curls you want without getting the heat.

The Headband Method

Curling your hair with a headband actually isn’t new, but it’s still a pretty unknown method. After all, it’s so easy to rush out and buy a curling iron these days, who would really think about it? If you aren’t so lucky, however, you can still get those natural curls without extreme heat.

Keep in mind that when we say headband we’re talking about a wrap-around and a fairly thick one- they shouldn’t be hard to find and you shouldn’t be out more than a few dollars. When you start out, you’re going to need to make sure that your hair is only slightly damp – some people make the mistake of dousing their hair in water and trying this, but it just won’t work. All you need to do is warm the headband in the microwave for thirty seconds and then wrap your hair in it – it can work in about half an hour, and you won’t even need to sleep on it!

Do the Twist

Using your finger, twist your hair into sections while damp, 2-4 of them if you can. Once you’ve done this, twist the other side in the same direction. Continue to twist as the hair dries, and if you’re planning to go somewhere, try to leave your hair twisted until you reach your destination. Once your hair is completely dry, flip your hair over and back – that will give you the curls that you are looking for.

Soft Rollers Overnight

These rollers are very gentle on your hair and you can keep them in overnight – chances are they won’t be too uncomfortable either. Give them a try, and look online for a more step by step tutorial on how to use them to get that perfect curly hair.

Pin Curls

Bobby pins are a girl’s best friend when it comes to getting the perfect curl without the wand. Bobby pins are cheap, they come in tons of different sizes, and they’re easy to put in.

The Sock Curl

You won’t even need to spend any money on this one, assuming you have an old sock lying around. You will start by cutting the toe off of a sock, and then you roll it up like a doughnut. If you’ve ever done a ponytail before, it’s sort of like that. You pull your hair through, and then you take your hair around the outside, them back through the center. You continue repeating these steps until your hair is fully wrapped around the sock, leaving it until it curls .¨ usually overnight.

The Bun Method

Twist strands of your hair until you can see the roots themselves twisting, then pin them down with bobby pins. The smaller the sections, the better the curls will be.

Paper Towel Curls

You’re a bit low on funds and ideas – we get it. Instead of lamenting about it, use paper towels! First, wash and comb your hair, then cut a paper towel into two-inch strips. Roll your hair around it as you would a curler, and then tie the ends around the towel so that they stay all night. Wake up in the morning with curly hair!

Flat Iron Curls

We get that this one requires a flat iron, but you should still keep it in mind, it definitely works in a pinch!

Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t have curly hair- with just a little bit of work, it can absolutely be yours, and it’s going to look great!


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