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How to Choose the Best Hair Dryer for Your Hair Type

Hair dryers are one of the few beauty products/tools that most people know little to nothing about. We all own one, and yet we couldn’t really explain why we picked that one when asked. For something most of us use daily, it is crazy how little we know about picking the right one. Hair types need products that cater to them. We’re all about picking out the shampoo and conditioner and styling products that work best with what our hair needs, and yet when it comes to tools, we rarely personalize them. We’ve all been victim to assuming that as long as it’s a high-quality hair dryer, it’s going to work well. Well, we’ve been wrong! The truth is that hair dryers cater to different hair types. We’re here to help you pick the perfect dryer for your needs!

Thick Hair

Nothing is quite as tricky as drying thick hair. The process takes ages, and it’s almost impossible to get a thorough blow dry with minimal frizziness. Well, you can help speed up the process by focusing on ions. Ionic hair dryers are all over the market, but to really find the ideal hair dryer you should keep an eye out for tourmaline hair dryers that use ionic technology. This will minimize the time it takes while also minimizing frizz!

Frizzy Hair

Speaking of tourmaline dryers… Tourmaline is the only way to go if you suffer from frizz. Dryers with tourmaline are often more expensive, but its because tourmaline is a higher quality mineral used. Tourmaline doesn’t only avoid frizz, it also minimizes the heat damage reaching your hair!

Fine/ Dry Hair

The biggest problem with fine hair is that it is extremely prone to heat damage. While using a great heat protectant can help you out, it can only go so far. Finer hair types need to make sure to use heat tools that minimize heat damage. Ceramic and porcelain hair dryers are designed specifically for that. They give off a consistent air flow and are designed to limit the heat damage caused!

Long Hair

If you have super long hair, you already know that almost nothing can help with the process. Try as you might, you know it’s going to be a 2-hour production. Well, using the right hair dryer can cut that down some. Titanium hair dryers are designed to distribute heat evenly as well as reaching extreme heat levels. Titanium dryers are extra strong and intense, so it’s super important to invest in a good heat protectant when using them. But, it’s that extreme heat that makes it so great for long hair!


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