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The Power Within: A Woman’s Intuition

One morning, as I’m on my way out the door to go to work, I glance outside to check the weather and notice rain clouds in the area. Although it’s not raining just yet, it looks like it could drop at any moment.
My first thought is, “I’d better take an umbrella.” Then I automatically start to talk myself out of it.
I think, “Hmm, if I take the umbrella I’m going to have to carry it around with me and what if it doesn’t rain, then I’ve lugged it around all day for nothing. I’ll pass on it. It probably won’t rain.”
I leave the umbrella behind, pop in the car and head off to work.
As I search for a parking space on the street, I see a fine mist of rain on my windshield.
Then the mist turns into pellets.
And before I can get the car nestled into the parking space three blocks from my office, the sky opens up and buckets of water cascade to earth.
As I reach for my umbrella, I remember talking myself out of bringing it.

The Power Within

There is a powerful force within us that we often ignore.
It’s called our intuition or our sixth sense.
This is our internal wisdom that guides us through daily life experiences.
We are born with it .¨ it is part of our soul energy.
And it’s always right.
However, the beautiful sound of our dependable intuition can get drowned out by the noise of the perpetually busy mind, armed with a thinking model that often works against us. Many of us aren’t aware of this process, but it happens more than we could imagine.

Say the First Thing That Comes into Your Mind

The first thing that comes to our mind is usually the truth or the correct answer to whatever we are pondering in that moment.
That primary thought initially arrives in our head pure, untouched and unmodified. This is our intuition at work. Our intuition is our inner knowing. This inner knowing provides direction, assistance and protection for us. It is information that is dependable and on our side. But, then our minds start to talk and we often talk ourselves out of the wisdom. The talk that comes from the mind is based in a thinking model that was taught to us by those around us when we were growing up, including parents, other family members, teachers, church and society.
Unfortunately, that thinking model doesn’t work in our favor the majority of the time.

Trained for Thinking in Ways That Work Against Us

Consider this: there are 86,400 seconds in a day. Based on university studies done in the US and Britain, we have approximately 60,000 thoughts per day. And further studies indicate that of those 60,000 thoughts, about 45,000 are negative.
We weren’t born with that thinking model. It was definitely taught to us. And this is exactly what talks us out of our inner knowledge.

Talking ourselves out of our inner guidance or ignoring what we know in our hearts to be real and truthful feels out of control and is consistently driven by fear and doubt.
What do we fear and doubt? We are afraid that we are not good enough, which is the basis of the thinking model that was taught to us.
This does not match the internal message that we were born with which says, “We are already good enough and there is nothing to fear.”
This sixth sense kind of thinking, which comes from within, is in alignment with what is natural and normal for us. The awareness of these two contrasting ways to view life gives us the power to choose what we really want, to take control of our live and, to make life easier for us.

We Deserve Nothing Less

We are powerful beings, not in a way that is aggressive or hurtful, but in a way that exerts a quiet, yet strong sense of knowing within our hearts. This is our true power.
We have the power to listen to this inner voice more often, to actually trust ourselves. With awareness of the strength of our intuition, we can decide to stop listening to the senseless chatter of a mind that rarely rests, doesn’t know much and keeps us from peace. The truth is, we have the power to do anything we want to do! We deserve nothing less.

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