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The Best Occasions to Wear Green

Green is not everyone’s favorite color. Some may even stay away from it, thinking that it is hard to pull off. However, green is one of the most beautiful colors you can wear. Plus, it has a lot of positive meanings. In fact, this color can evoke a sense of vitality, making you look fresh and beautiful. This is especially true if you wear it at the right event. So, what are the best occasions to wear green?

Best Occasions to Wear Green

1. Job Interview

When applying for a job, it is best to pick an outfit that will make you look professional. Ideally, blue is the preferred color because it shows that you are dependable and trustworthy. But, you can also pick other colors, like green.

Green is a great color you can wear for an interview, especially if the job is in a casual environment. Remember, this color can reveal a little bit of your personality without being overwhelming. Additionally, green also communicates that you’re a fun person to work with.

2. At Work

One of the best occasions to wear green is at work. The reason is related to its symbolism. As you know, this color is associated with money and the word “go,” which are related to work. Aside from that, green is also a refreshing and rejuvenating shade that can help reduce workplace stress and tensions. Also, it produces less eyestrain, making it a good choice for individuals working in front of a computer.

3. Dates

If you’re undecided on what color to wear on a date, you can try wearing a green outfit. Keep in mind that this color works for both men and women. Additionally, it also sends a relaxed vibe; thus, it reveals your fun and carefree side. By wearing this color, you will not only look fresh and beautiful. It can also make your date feel relaxed and comfortable around you.

How to Wear Green

As mentioned, some people avoid green because they think that it is hard to style or pull off. But, this color can blend well with various colors, including neutral and pastel shades. To give you a better view, here are some tips on how to wear green.

  • Green is the color of nature, and the best way to style it is to pair it with a floral print. In fact, this combination is the perfect outfit for spring. To do this, you can pair a green dress with a floral scarf.
  • To look more sophisticated, you can pair a dark green dress with black or gold accessories. This combination radiates a serious yet refreshing vibe that is perfect for professional settings.
  • For casual events, you can pair green with a pastel shade, like soft pink and baby blue. The bold color of green can create a beautiful contrast with the pastel color. As a result, you will look fresh and vibrant.


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