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The Best Occasions to Wear Blue

Blue is a popular clothing color for men and women. This is not surprising because it comes in various shades, so you have a lot of choices. Plus, this color can make you look elegant and sophisticated no matter what shade you choose. But, what are the best occasions to wear blue?

1. Work

Because the color blue is associated with wisdom and intellect, you can wear this color at work. In fact, wearing a blue outfit can make you look like an expert in your field. Plus, this color has a calming effect. As such, it can counteract the tension in your workplace.

2. Job Interview

One of the best occasions to wear blue is during a job interview. The reason is that this color exudes trust and confidence. As such, wearing a blue suit or dress can make you look credible, trustworthy, and honest. For the shade, it is recommended to opt for a darker shade of blue for conservative jobs. As much as possible, you should avoid wearing bright shades of blue.

3. Dates

Blue is an excellent color you can wear on dates, especially for men. The reason is that it conveys warmness for men, making them look approachable. For women, the color blue indicates trust, loyalty, and stability, which are vital aspects of any relationship. Best of all, wearing a blue outfit can make you look lovely and sophisticated.

4. Weddings and Other Special Events

Various shades of blue are perfect for weddings and other formal events. Remember, this color is simple, yet it can make you look confident and sophisticated. Plus, lighter and brighter shades of blue are eye-catching, and they can brighten up any room.

When wearing a blue dress for a wedding, you have to make sure that the shade is not similar to the dresses of the bride’s maids. Other than that, blue is the perfect color you can wear for various occasions, including formal events, baby showers, luncheons, and religious gatherings.

How to Style a Blue Dress?

All in all, those are the best occasions to wear blue. But, how do you style a blue dress? The great thing about this color is that it blends well with other colors. For instance, if you want to look professional, you can pair a blue dress with shoes or accessories that have a neutral color like black, nude, or white. Aside from that, blue is also an energetic color that you can pair with other vibrant colors such as pink and yellow. Finally, you can also combine blue with various colors, but you have to make sure the two shades complement each other.


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