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What Colors Should I Wear to Work?

If you’re having trouble choosing what to wear for work, picking an attire based on color may help narrow down your options. Plus, wearing a certain color can also benefit your career. According to one research, colors can affect our moods and the way people interact with us. So, what are the best clothing colors you can wear for work?

1. Black

As you know, black is an elegant color, and it has a thinning effect. For this reason, it is not surprising that almost all of us have black outfit in our closet. Aside from that, the color black also conveys mystery, seriousness, and power. So, if you want to be treated seriously, you can wear a black suit or any black business attire.

2. Green

Green is one of the best clothing colors you can wear for work. Remember, this hue signifies harmony, safety, and freshness. As such, it is pleasing to the eyes, especially in a professional environment. Additionally, green is refreshing to the eyes, and it produces less eyestrain, making it a good choice for people who work in front of a screen for long hours. Lastly, this color is also associated with good luck and money, so it attracts positive vibes.

3. Brown

Some people think that brown is a boring color; however, it makes you appear trustworthy and stable. As such, brown business attire is an excellent choice for an interview. You can also wear this color on your first days at the workplace to establish trust with your peers and supervisors. You can also wear a brown suit if you’re working in a predominantly male environment or workplace. The reason is that the color gives you more credibility.

4. Blue

Blue is a highly recommended color on this list of the best clothing colors you can wear for work. Keep in mind that this color signifies wisdom and truth. Aside from that, it also has a relaxing effect. As such, you can wear this color if you’re working in a toxic or drama-filled environment to counteract the tension.

5. White

Aside from those colors, you can also wear a white suit or any business attire for work. This color signifies purity, perfection, and cleanliness. Plus, it can make you appear innocent and honest. However, if you wear too much white, it may also signify timidity.

Final Thoughts

All in all, these are the best clothing colors you can wear for work; however, the color of your office attire is not the only factor that will affect the way people see you. For this reason, you can still wear other colors as long as it makes you look professional.


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