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Sustainable Brands to Shop From This Year

Over the last few years, sustainable fashion has become a big thing in the glamour industry, with big names and brands advocating for it. While that’s a huge step in the right direction, a lot of the big brands are using sustainability as a marketing and PR tactic. But there are plenty of brands that are truly committed to the environment. We will review some of these below.

O2 Monde

O2 Monde crafts shoes that benefit the planet by replacing animal hides and synthetic plastics with plant-based skins.  From insoles to adhesives and uppers, their shoes aren’t just vegan, they’re clean. They’re handmade in one of Italy’s local factories by generational artisans with ethical conditions and fair wages. O2 Monde also donates 1% of their profits to “1% FOR THE PLANET“.


Gâala is a locally owned small business founded by Kelly de Gaalon and Alexander Zhalezka in Paris, France that sells dresses. Gâala designs use production leftovers, deadstock fabrics, and other low impact natural materials. The silks are sourced from production leftovers in Hangzhou, China. 

 Looking to make as small a footprint as possible, they have chosen to use fabric remnants and a variety of leftover cotton, viscose and wool fabrics as well as deadstock linen in their collections. Each of their pieces is created in a workshop where a safe and ethical work environment with above average wages is provided for each member of their team.


Reformation uses renewable, plant-based or recycled fibers like TENCEL (made from renewable wood materials). They also minimize their ecological footprint by investing in green infrastructure. In addition,  Reformation also puts out quarterly sustainability reports for transparency and public accountability.

Natra Care:

When we think of environmental degradation feminine, hygiene products don’t usually come to mind. But as multiple studies will tell you, most of our sanitary products contain plastic and other non biodegradable ingredients which make them difficult to dispose.

That’s why Natra Care uses only organic and natural materials (cotton) in all their menstrual pads, incontinence pads and maternity pads instead of perfumes, chlorine, dyes and pesticides. Their raw materials are also biodegradable and sourced ethically. Instead of Natra Care is cruelty-free and ranked the Top brand for menstrual products by ‘The Ethical Company Organisation’. All their materials are sustainable and FSC/PEFC certified. They also donate 1% of their turnover to environmental causes.

Tropic of C

Founded by a former Victoria Secret Angel, Candice Swanepoel, TROPIC OF C is an eco-lifestyle swimsuit brand influenced by nature and inspired by the female form. Built on the values of sustainability, empowerment, community and quality, the brand aims to reduce the environmental impact of production through ongoing sustainable fabric development and refining their manufacturing processes while encouraging awareness and action around responsible consumption. They also package their items in reusable cloth rather than plastic.

Kora Organics

Like Tropic of C, KORA Organics was also founded by a former VS Angel, Miranda Kerr. KORA is a cruelty-free, clean beauty brand that uses certified organic and natural ingredients in their products. Active Ingredients based on their natural healing powers such as Noni Extract, Rosehip Oil, Sea Buckthorn Oil and Green Tea constitute their most famous products. With a team of qualified researchers, experts and doctors KORA focuses on rejuvenation and health along with doing their best for the planet. 


This shoe brand from Spain is a favorite of Kate Middleton! For good reason. Partnering with Yves Saint Lauren since the 1970s, the manufacturers use the best quality jute (100% natural) from India and Bangladesh as well as eco-friendly dyes. Heritage,  sustainability and quality are more important to Castañer than consumerism which sets them apart from their counterparts and allows them to prioritize their local workers rather than mass production.

Georgia Hardinge

Georgia Hardinge is a contemporary brand, inspired by new technologies and innovation. Based in London, the brand incorporates a strong sculptural style bringing a 3 dimensional approach to wearable pieces. Georgia Hardinge is involved in a lot of charity work, uses eco-friendly and sustainably sourced raw materials and even their packaging is made of biodegradable products.

Luan by Lucia

Founded in 1989, the award winning brand Luan by Lucia is based in Hungary. ​The main purpose of this brand is to curate bespoke clothing, tailored to the customer’s needs and style in a holistic manner. Luan by Lucia involves the consumer in promoting a more holistic and individual approach to luxury and fashion by maintaining the highest standards for sourcing, quality and production. They seek to empower women and consciously use eco-friendly fabrics in their clothing.

Justine Leconte

Founded by French designer and YouTuber of the same name, Justine Leconte has apparel and jewellery collections sourced sustainably and produced ethically. All the materials are sourced and produced in Europe, making sure of fair wages and treatment for workers and high quality for consumers. Every detail of the production process is overseen by Justine herself in order to ensure quality and sustainability. Justine’s  jewellery collection MIRAGE is produced in the South of Germany, with 100% certified recycled 925 Sterling silver.


ABURY is a fair trade lifestyle brand offering handmade accessories. Based in Germany, ABURY aims to satisfy the customer and make the world a better place by giving back to their local communities with every purchase. ABURY makes sure that the values of sustainability, transparency, animal rights, fairness and human rights are followed with every product. The brand only works with local materials and all their leather partners are EU certified.  Every time you buy an ABURY product, you are transforming its hours of production into hours of Education and fair wages in the communities where the product was made.

So, the next time you need to replenish your existing stocks or buy new, consider shopping from these brands. You can rest assured that your product will be of the best quality without hurting the environment.


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