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The Best Fall Date Ideas to Spice Up the Cool Season

Falling in love on an autumn afternoon is a great, once-in-a-lifetime experience. With a lot of outdoor activities this season, you will surely feel the romance in the crisp air. But, what should you do to spice up your relationship this season? To give you a better view, here are some of the best fall date ideas to spice up the season.

1. Have a Fall Picnic

Fall is about reconnecting with nature and enjoying its wonderful colors. One way to do this is to have a fall picnic. You can pick a spot where there are a lot of fallen leaves and unpack your picnic basket. There you can enjoy the scenery while you eat and drink with your special someone. If the temperature gets cool, you can cuddle with your partner while you snack and chill in your favorite park.

2. Explore Various Fairs and Festivals

Autumn is the season when different fairs and festivals are held, ranging from cook-offs to craft fairs. Of course, fall is also when Oktoberfest is held. So, if you and your partner enjoy crafting seasonal brews, you can go to this festival. Aside from that, you can also enjoy the different fairs held in your local town. You can even win your date a large teddy bear as a remembrance of your fun experience.

3. Watch a Movie Outdoors

One of the best fall date ideas you can do to spice up the season is to watch a scary movie outdoors. Remember, there’s nothing more romantic than watching a movie under the stars. As such, you can bring your laptop to your porch or rooftop and enjoy a great movie with your partner. Of course, don’t forget to bring some snacks and a blanket. That way, you can cuddle under the blanket when the air starts to cool down.

4. Take a Hiking Adventure

If you and your partner enjoy outdoor activities, you can plan a hiking trip. Both of you can hike a mountain trail and connect with nature. The best part is that you will surely discover a picturesque view that you can post on your Instagram. Before hiking, you have to make sure to wear the appropriate attire just in case the temperature fluctuates.

5. Watch A Football Game

Finally, the last on this list of the best fall date ideas to spice up the season is to watch a football game. This date idea is highly recommended for sports fans. Remember, there is nothing more thrilling than watching your favorite team win coupled with your favorite tailgate food recipes.


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