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The Best Brushes to Use for Short Hair

If you have short hair, like a pixie cut or a stacked bob, you might find it challenging to style your tresses. The reason is that big brushes can create enough tension to straighten or style a cropped cut. The best solution for this problem is to use a small round brush. So, what are the best brushes for short hair?

1. Prego Round Brush

If you have short hair, the Prego round brush is an ideal tool you can use to style your hair. In fact, it can style your hair in a matter of minutes, thanks to its wonderful features. To name a few, this small round brush is not only lightweight. It is also aerated, which can heat up while you’re blow-drying. Additionally, its bristles come with added ions and tourmaline that can break water molecules, leaving your hair smooth and silky after blow-drying.

2. Mini Rounder

The Mini Rounder is one of the best brushes for short hair. One reason is that it features nylon bristles that can penetrate all types of hair. Aside from that, this small round brush also has small boar bristles that can hold your hair and condition it while you’re brushing. Lastly, it also has a metal barrel that cuts down the time of your blow-drying process.

3. Mini Styler Boar

Another excellent small round brush you can use for short hair is the Mini Styler Boar. It is a reinforced boar bristle brush that will allow you to style your short strands with ease. Aside from that, it can also be used for smoothing flyaways around your face. Best of all, this brush is not only for women. Men can also use this hairbrush to create a slick hairstyle.

4. Pronto Ceramic Barrel

Aside from those brushes for short hair, you can also use the Pronto Ceramic Barrel brush to style your short strands. This small round brush has a unique hourglass-shaped barrel that is perfect for creating tension. As a result, your hair will be smooth and have less frizz. Additionally, the bristles of this brush come with added nano-silver that makes the brush clean. Best of all, its bristles also have tourmaline, which speeds up your blow-drying process.

All in all, these are some of the best brushes for short hair. Always remember that styling a cropped cut can be challenging if you use the wrong brush. Fortunately, there are numerous small round brushes you can use to straighten your short hair. Some of the brushes also have other features that can reduce frizz and flyaways.


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