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How To Make Your Skin Shine In Your Photographs

Nowadays, we all take loads of pics. We take them of all kinds of things like scenery, outings with friends, or our pets. If it seems fun, we take the snap. It makes sense, given that it’s so easy. There’s no film, no darkroom, and no development costs. 

A significant proportion of these pics are selfies. It’s not surprising, then, that there’s quite a bit of info out there around selfies. You can check out how to remove dark circles from your photo or cut out the glare and everything in between. 

The same is true for all kinds of looks, and shining skin is a big contender here. There are good shines, bad shines, and even some novelty shines. It may sound complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. 

The Glowing Look

If you’re opting for a glowing kind of shine, there are a few simple tricks to bear in mind. The glow is something you can achieve simply by massaging your skin to increase circulation. Getting those tiny vessels working for you is easy too. 

If you’re using a foundation or serum, simply massage it into your skin with a dash more pressure than normal. Don’t just apply; massage it in. That way, you’re waking up the subcutaneous layers and getting things moving. 

For some added glow, you can also use an extra dab of the foundation itself. Just slightly thicker than you’d usually go, and it should work wonders for your photo. The same can also apply to serum if you prefer it. 

The Shining Look 

For getting a shimmery shining look, there are a few great options. It’s a natural summery look, which means that having a base tan will help for paler complexions. Then, you can use body shimmer over your sun-kissed skin to create the final look. 

If your complexion is already darker, you have a natural head start on this. Simply applying a little body lotion right before you take your pic will instantly give you all the shimmer you want! Adding some glossy lipstick is a perfect cherry on top. 

The Wet Look

Sometimes it’s nice to move beyond even the shimmering look. The wet look can be great for selfies if it’s done well. An old trick is to use baby lotion right before you take the selfie. The lotion will create the sense that you just walked out of the sea. 

It’s a look you often see with bikini and swim shoots and works amazingly well for seaside pics. Another good way is to use glycerine, which you can mix in your palm with a little water. Then, just pop on your shades for that beach selfie. 

Avoiding the Greasy Look

The main pitfall with the various shine looks comes when you go a little too far. When you go too heavy, your shine turns to grease. The greasy look has yet to wow on the catwalks, and it’s doubtful that it ever will. 

Your main defense against the overdone and greasy look is to go slow on the serums, foundations, and glycerine. Apply them in smaller increments until you’ve built up to the right effect. 

It also helps to keep making sure you’re smoothing evenly across your face so that all the angles are uniform. That way, the light can’t catch a puddle and make your features seem all oily and slick. Small and even applications, all the way! 

Some Thoughts

Mainly, it’s about having fun. Taking selfies is a self-expressive and creative thing to do, so try to keep it enjoyable. Trying out new looks can have all kinds of results, so go with it. You’ll probably get some shockers, but some good results too. 

Like any creative process, there’s an element of hit and miss involved. It’s part of the deal and should also be part of the fun! Nobody has to see the baddies, but everybody will see the goodies.


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