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Best Concealer Brush Technique for Eyebrows

If concealer is an underrated part of your makeup arsenal, the concealer brush is even more overlooked. Concealer brushes give you the precision and small size you need in a makeup brush to help you achieve the perfect brow look.

Whether you’re going for an ultra-defined sleek brow look for an evening out, or trying to get the right balance of messy and perfect for a soapbrow or feathered look, understanding how to use the right technique with your concealer brush could be your key to success.

The unique shape of the concealer brush also makes it incredibly versatile. You can use it with concealer, a creamy pot of eyebrow tint, or even gel eyeshadow. With the right type of concealer brush and a solid technique you can use these products to help give you the brow you want.

Read on for a look at the 3 components of the perfect brow. Most brow looks focus on at least one of these techniques. We’ll dive into what types of concealer brush is best for each technique and go over how to master each technique on your quest for the perfect brow look.


Defining your eyebrows with concealer can help your carefully sculpted angles and arches stand out. There’s a few things you need to get this one right, and it’s probably easier than you think. You need a concealer brush, and one or two shades of concealer

A short, angled concealer brush is going to be best for this type of concealer application. A shorter brush means a more precise line, and the angle gives you more control. Used properly, you can add a sense of drama and sophistication to any makeup look with extra definition.

Using a concealer brush to define the shape of your brow should be one of the last steps of your eye makeup routine. You’ll want to make sure any eyeshadow is already applied to the eyelid and that you leave the brow bone area bare. Fill in brows as desired, and then you’re ready to define.

You can apply concealer either only underneath the eyebrow, on the edge of the brow bone, or both underneath and on the outer third of the area above the eyebrow.

If you are going for extra definition, utilizing a second shade of concealer slightly darker than your skin tone above the outer third of your eyebrow can really make it pop.

Using your angled concealer brush, draw a thin line of concealer tight along the bottom edge of your brow. Follow the eyebrow shape you have created, make the line a bit thicker under the highest part of your arch.

Turn the brush horizontally and very lightly buff the edges of the line you just drew. You may need to blend a little bit more in the inner corner, but the result is a makeup look that emphasizes your eyebrows and helps you look more awake on tired days.


Have eyebrow hairs that grow in light or sparse? Easily fixable with a bit of eyebrow tint and a concealer brush. Although there are ‘pen’ type applicators for this job, using a concealer brush provides a more natural look and easier application.

If you use eyebrow pencil or tint to outline the general shape of your brow, do that before you fill in any inner areas with your concealer brush. The best type of concealer brush for this job is a small one that comes to a precise point.

Dip the tip of the brush into your brow tint or an appropriately colored eyeshadow cream. With short strokes, lightly flick the brush onto the skin where you want to fill in your brows. Go slowly until you get a feel for the minute movements that make each stroke look like an individual hair.

If you use this technique with a powder rather than a gel you will get a softer, more natural look while still filling in the brow.


While defining helps showcase the shape of your brow, techniques for brow lifting go a step further and help you literally raise an eyebrow. You basically cover the lower portion of your natural brow, and add an artificial top so it looks like your whole eyebrow sits a little higher.

This trick is great for people with hooded lids and can help give you more room to showcase a great eyeshadow. It’s also a great way to do dramatic evening looks without making your eyes look small.

Take a concealer brush and gently buff concealer onto the entire bottom third of your eyebrow. Then, draw a line under the new “bottom” of your eyebrow to help draw the eye upwards. Finish drawing in the top of the new brow and fill in as described above.

So that’s it folks. Now you know the three essential techniques for using a concealer brush for your eyebrows. It’s time to master each technique on your journey to find the perfect brow look that works for you.

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