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The Art of Honoring Your Food

How Did The Strawberries Get to the Grocery?

I was amazed by life when I was a little kid, as most kids are. The cool stuff people did seemed magical back then. And it seemed as if the magic happened on an almost daily basis. One thing I can distinctly remember being amazed at was how my mother made out our grocery list based on the layout of the store. Incredible! I was also amazed at how the food was always there, right where it was last week, like a never-ending supply. The strawberries and watermelon were available every week all summer long. And the kitchen staples, milk, butter and bread, never seemed to run out at any point in the year. But, just how did the strawberries get to the grocery store?

When we arrive at the grocery, list in hand, the food is already there, stocked in perfect order, waiting for us to buy and take home to eat. It’s a luxury most of us take for granted. Rarely do we stop to think how the food got to the grocery store. In fact, we just expect it to be there. But, there is an entire life cycle to the food that begins long before we select it from the vegetable section or order it from the meat counter. In fact, it takes a lot of energy from a lot of sources to make that food readily available for us.

The life story of any grocery store food item includes a list of supporting actors such as the sun, the earth, the wind, the rain and a lot of people. Some of the people who add energy to the life story of food include the farmers, workers, truck drivers and grocery store employees. The story of our food, from humble beginnings to the grocery store display, is one that is mainly off our radar, though. We tend to focus more on hurrying through our days as we power shop, rush through meals and multi-task while we eat, paying attention to everything but the food. However, there’s more to our food than meets the eye.

The Energy of Life

Everything is energy, including our food. We know this is true because science tells us everything on the planet is made up of sub-atomic particles in motion that vibrate within a particular energetic frequency. Some things vibrate at a lower energetic frequencies and are, therefore, denser while others vibrate at higher frequencies and are lighter. The lower the frequency, the heavier and slower the energy. From a human perspective, lower frequencies tend to be more in tune with the emotions of anger, sadness and unhappiness. Examples of thoughts that carry a lower energetic frequency include greed, hatred and fear.

The higher vibrational frequencies are much lighter and more free-flowing. Higher frequencies are also more in tune with love. This means the energy is healthier and more in alignment with our true life force. Thinking that is associated with higher frequencies include serenity, joy, gratitude, acceptance and freedom.

The soil, the food, the machinery and the human touch all leave a specific residue of energy on the food. For example, cows and chickens at factory farms, where the majority of all animal abuse takes place, are not seen as sentient beings with unique qualities. Instead, they are viewed as eggs, meat, milk, leather, glue and other products for the purpose of human consumption. The animals at factory farms, where most meat comes from that ends up in grocery stores these days, are not free to roam, suffering in tight quarters, some smothered by the creation of dust from feed. These beings are stressed from their living situation. That stress is held in the body of that animal just as our stress is held in our bodies. Stress is low frequency energy.

That animal is slaughtered, packed and shipped to the grocery with abusive, stressful energy in the fibers of the meat. Then, we buy it, take it home and eat it. But, this is not energy that serves us or the animals because it is not in alignment with love. And love is not only the highest energetic frequency, it is also the most healing. The old saying, “You are what you eat” is even more meaningful when we consider the energy of the food we are ingesting. But, we don’t have to eat such foods. We can choose to only buy foods from responsible farmers who treat the animals with dignity and respect. This would provide an entirely different vibrational residue for the meats we eat. And since higher frequencies are healing, we could reduce or eliminate many of the preventable illness that plagues the majority of us today.

The Energetic Frequency of Vegetables

Drs. T. Colin Campbell and Caldwell Esselstyn have clearly shown that eating a diet high in organic, plant-based foods is a great way to heal what ails us. Through their extensive research, books and documentaries, Drs. Campbell and Esselsytn detail case after case where people with cancer, heart disease and diabetes have healed themselves, not with traditional pharmaceuticals, but simply with food. And if we look at the structure, as well as the energy of food and how it looks like the body part it heals, perhaps we can experience the amazement we did when we were kids all over again.

Fig. 1

The food-to-body comparisons above are a small sampling of how nature makes it easy to eat the foods that support our health. Though many foods benefit the entire body, some foods are specifically helpful to certain areas of the body. In Figure 1, we see that carrots look like and assist the eyes with their beta-carotene. Tomatoes have four chambers, like the heart, and are also red. Walnuts resemble the brain and are said to help ward of dementia and reduce the chance for Alzheimer’s disease.1 Fig 2 below shows a few more healthy combinations for your amazement.2

Fig. 2

Grapefruits have limonoids in them, like many citrus fruits, that may help reduce cancer in breast tissue.
Avocadoes are great for our health in many ways, but may also help reduce the risk of cervical cancer. Finally, ginger also has many healing properties, but is known to aid digestion. The world of food and healing is much simpler than we have made it out to be.

The question now becomes whether to cook these foods or eat them raw. Scientists have shown that cooking food changes its energetic frequency. In fact, many foods retain more of their healing properties when eaten raw. This is due to the preservation of important enzymes in the food as well as the energetic frequency of the food which remains higher when the food is in raw form. In Figure 3 below, we can clearly see the energy in cooked food versus that of raw food.3 (Thanks to Dr. Isabel Sharkar, Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine at the Indigo Health Center, Washington, D.C., for the Kirilian food photo.3)

Fig. 3

In 1939, Semyon Kirlian accidentally discovered that if an object on a photographic plate is connected to a high-voltage source, an image is produced on the photographic plate. This image is known by many names other than Kirlian photography, including electrophotography, gas discharge visualization and electrophotonic imaging.4 But, the interesting thing about this kind of photography is that it gives us a chance to see the beautiful energy of our food and helps us become more aware of the food energy we are ingesting. This can assist us in our quest for improved health and healing. We can begin to see food in a different way than we see it now.


7 Ways to Honor Your Food Today

Here are seven easy ways to honor your food and practice seeing and infusing high frequency energy into it each time. This will give you the food that is energetically best suited to heal your mind and body.

1. Buy organic fruits and vegetables from local farmers and markets. Instead of challenging your body with toxic chemicals in the form of pesticides, herbicides and fungicides, save your body’s valuable resources for healing you.

2. Buy only meats and fish from responsible, local, organic farms and fisheries. Eating foods from responsible sources is not only good for the quality of the food we eat, it is better for the animals and fish, as well as the planet.

3. Eat more raw food. In order to gain the maximum nutritional benefit and maintain the highest energetic frequency of the food, eat the majority of your food in raw form.

4. Do not microwave your food; lightly steam or sauté food. If you decide to cook your food, lightly steam or sauté food to maintain nutritional and energetic value.

5. Get in tune with the origin of food and those who helped bring it to the grocery for you. The next time you are at the grocery store and pick up a pint of strawberries, take a moment and quietly thank all who gave their energy to make this food easy for you to buy and eat.

6. Power up your food with high frequency energy. The power of intention is amazing. By infusing gratitude and love into your food just using your thoughts, you can greatly increase the energetic frequency of your food and increase its healing power to you. Give it a shot. It can’t hurt you.

7. Eat without doing anything but eating. Turn off the TV, put down your smart phone and shut the lid to your laptop. Instead, eat mindfully; be aware that each bite of food you take brings you energy of some sort depending on the food you choose. Remember, your food is going to harm you or heal you. Choose wisely.

It’s time to become aware of the energetic frequency of the food we eat. Perhaps we can stop eating food with our eyes and start eating it with our heart. We can feed our bodies instead of our emotions. This will help us stay more balanced energetically and we will choose foods that support us nutritionally for optimal health. Additionally, we can choose foods that are treated humanely and are not modified by chemicals. We can practice seeing the deeper dimension of our food which enables us to match food energy to the energy of good health for the body.






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