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6 Teas that Promote a Healthy Heart

As of today, heart diseases are among the top causes of death all over the world. But, these health problems are preventable, especially if you exercise regularly and practice healthy lifestyle habits. Aside from that, the foods and drinks you consume can also affect your heart’s health. For instance, some herbal products have beneficial compounds that can reduce your risk of developing cardiovascular ailments. To give you a better idea, here are six examples of teas that promote a healthy heart.


Made from a tropical flower, hibiscus tea has numerous healing properties. According to a study, hypertensive patients were able to stabilize their high blood pressure after drinking this refreshing beverage for six weeks. Furthermore, some studies revealed that hibiscus tea may also help lower bad cholesterol levels. However, more large-scale studies are essential to back-up this therapeutic effect.

In addition to its cardioprotective effects, this heart-friendly tea can offer a myriad of benefits. It has high polyphenol contents that may help prevent illnesses caused by free radicals such as chronic inflammation and cancer. Lastly, this tart-flavored tea may also improve your liver’s health and help shed unwanted pounds.


Today, you can buy various products made of Camellia sinensis. However, green tea is one of the most well-researched teas that promote a healthy heart. Compared to its counterparts, green tea has the highest amounts of catechins – specifically epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). As you know, this potent antioxidant can quell inflammation, lower blood pressure, and prevent plaque build-up in your arteries. Furthermore, green tea can also help you maintain a healthy weight, which lowers your risk of heart diseases.

However, keep in mind that catechins are easily destroyed in a non-acidic surrounding like the intestine. An effective way to increase the absorption of EGCG and the other healthful substances in green tea is to add lemon juice to your drink.


Rooibos tea is popular for the invigorating feeling it provides. But, that’s not all. This South African herb can also offer various healing properties, especially if you have heart problems.

Like green tea, rooibos can also stop the enzyme that forms angiotensin II, a substance that can constrict your blood vessels and increase blood pressure. In addition, drinking this flavorful beverage may also help lower bad cholesterol while increasing good cholesterol levels. An added bonus is that this heart-friendly tea has no caffeine, which is excellent for those who want an energy boost without feeling jittery.


Turmeric tea is another world-renowned product in this list of teas that promote a healthy heart. Basically, most of the spice’s therapeutic benefits are due to curcumin- a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent. Because of this healing properties, turmeric can help prevent blood clots and maintain a normal blood pressure. In addition, this yellow spice may also increase your high-density lipoproteins (HDL), which lowers your risk of coronary heart disease.

Aside from drinking tea, eating curry with a dash of black pepper is another delicious way to reap the numerous therapeutic benefits of turmeric. Remember, black pepper can enhance the absorption of curcumin.


Drinking chamomile tea may help stabilize blood pressure and cholesterol levels. These effects are due to the beverage’s antioxidants like flavonoids. Moreover, keep in mind that lack of sleep (six hours or less) may affect the condition of your heart. In fact, several studies have linked sleep deprivation to obesity, high blood pressure, and coronary artery disease. Fortunately, chamomile tea can help you fall into a deep slumber.

However, patients taking aspirin or warfarin (blood thinners) should consult their doctor before drinking this heart-friendly tea. The main reason is that chamomile may increase the possibility of internal bleeding.


Although the last in this list of teas that promote a healthy heart, hawthorn berry is actually quite famous for its cardioprotective properties. For centuries, this herb was used as a natural remedy for various heart problems. This is due to the high flavonoid contents of the plant that can lower bad cholesterol levels, improve blood flow, dilate blood vessels, and stabilize blood pressure.

Overall, drinking these heart-friendly teas is an excellent way to hydrate, heal, and strengthen your body. However, always consult your doctor before taking these herbal products, especially if you have an existing medical condition. Remember, these beverages may interact with your drugs and cause detrimental effects.


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