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How to Keep Your Sanity During Your Period

Throughout the centuries, women were told that talking about their “feminine days” was not only inappropriate but also a shame. Men were not allowed to know whenever their wives, mothers or sisters were going through the delicate days of the month and some of them remained as clueless until the current days. 

Being a woman is not easy, especially when it seems that no one else understands what you are going through once a month. No two women are the same and no two periods are the same either, so you shouldn’t expect to experience the same symptoms as your mother, sister or best friend. 

Luckily, several ways can help you cope with everything that is going on with you during this time, and here are some of the most beneficial. 

Embrace your body and its magic 

Periods exist so that we can procreate and have our own families. And, even though it would be easier for them to only appear when we want to get pregnant instead of bugging us since the earliest stages of adolescence, you need to understand and appreciate how amazing your body is. 

It is the only one capable to create life, and you need to remember this every month. Embrace everything that comes with your gender, not only the good stuff, and be proud that you can give birth to another life, should you decide to. 

Take some time off 

According to the National Sleep Foundation, about 30% of women experience insomnia and trouble falling asleep during their menstruation. Unfortunately, these are the exact days that your body needs sleeping and resting more than anything else to help you cope with all the hormonal changes occurring. 

If you don’t seem to be able to fall asleep easily, you can opt for natural and mild sedatives such as chamomile tea or a glass of wine at night. However, you should avoid milk as most women also experience stomach problems along with cramps during these delicate days. 

Know your feminine products

As we previously mentioned, no two women are the same, meaning you need to try as many products as possible until you find the ones that work for your skin pH and your period requirements. 

Luckily, we live in a world where feminine products can be easily bought at any supermarket, local store, gas station or pharmacy, so take advantage of the abundance and try out different brands of pads, tampons, intimate gels, cups, and others. 

Once you have established a routine that works, you will no longer be taken by surprise even if these delicate days come faster due to stress or weather changes. 

Cravings are OK

Perhaps the only good part of menstruation is that, along with all the hormonal changes and the variety of symptoms you may present, you can always count on one thing – cravings. Whether we’re talking about industrial amounts of processed sugars or greasy fats, no girl or woman would rather prefer eating a salad when she is PMS-ing right during those days. 

If you’re on a diet or wish to live as healthy as possible, you can consider these 3-4 days your monthly cheat days, when you are allowed to indulge yourself in everything you want. Cravings are a sign of normality and they just represent your body’s coping mechanism with the low levels of estrogen. 

Consider exercising 

Apart from releasing tension and anxiety, exercising is a natural way to handle cramps, bloating, and general discomfort caused by menstruation. It will keep your body moving and help you forget about pain, deadlines or mood swings. 

However, instead of hitting the gym, you may want to consider other types of physical exercises like jogging, cardio, stretching, Pilates or Yoga. The latter will also work on your mind and soul, helping you relax and cope with your mood swings better. 

If you prefer something more “entertaining”, you can always take your bike for a ride, and enjoy the fresh air from your favorite spot in the city. Just make sure to also bring your helmet and a mount for your phone so you can listen to your favorite music or podcast.  

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